Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"M" is for Motorcycle Memories

See this motorcycle?  
She's been a trusty old steed.
It's a 1993 Gold Wing new to us in 2005.  
We've logged many, many miles in the last few years on her.

She's taken us west to Wyoming, Colorado and the Dakotas.

She's attended an Amish Auction in Missouri.  
We sure got some funny looks when we rode in there on the bike. 

It's outrun a prairie tornado-laden storm in Western Kansas.
This could be a blog post all on it's own someday.

It's pulled a camper trailer to Tennessee and back more than once.
Side note: One of the dumbest things we ever did was sell this little camper.  Just sayin...

She's taken us to the Smokies three times.

She's taken us on weekend trips to neighboring states.

Don't ask me why this photo isn't centered on the page - Blogger!  Argh!

and more day trips than I can begin to count.

But this is the year we will say good-bye to her.  We've found a replacement.

It'll be like saying goodbye to an old friend for me. 
 We've made lots of memories on the old Wing 
but I'm sure there are more to be created on the new bike.


  1. Ohhhh! Nice! That's going to be a different ride for you, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it just the same! We've got friends who ride a BMW and love it. Congratulations!

  2. Loyd and I are checking out your new ride. We love the red but think you may miss your old one. Ours is a blue 92 Goldwing. I've never been on it ( cluck, cluck) but Loyd says it's smooth as can be. I'll just follow yall in the car.

  3. Nice new ride! I haven't traveled more than 100 miles away from our home on our bike, but it certainly sounds like fun, and we hope to do so. We're on a shining red V-Star 1300. Safe riding!