Friday, April 4, 2014

"D" is for Dancin'

I ran across this video 4 years ago and posted it to my blog.  It's been a favorite of mine ever since.

Doesn't it describe married life to a tee?  DH & I married relatively young and have encountered our share of minefields and storms.  We haven't always weathered them as gracefully as we would've liked but we've come through, a bit torn and tattered but we've hung in there.  

On April 12, we'll have danced through 34 years of those minefields.

I love you baby and will dance through much more with you any day!


  1. Happy Anniversary! A marriage without minefields and storms might get boring!!! Keep dancing... ~Jeanne

  2. Happy anniversary in advance, and I salute you for trekking through those minefields.

  3. Happy Anniversary early, because I know I will probably neglect to wish you joy on the day of your love. I just know me! God did a good job matching up you two!

  4. Stopping by from A to Z Challenge. I am enjoying your post.

    Misty from