Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Then and Now

Do you remember a post from a year ago about a team we led to Northern Alabama to dismantle a church after tornados swept through the state?  If you don’t, you can read about it here,as well as, our follow up trip in February.

DH returned back to Hackleburg for a dedication of the rebuilt church in early May.  I thought I would share a few “then and now” pics with you. 

God is so good!

Fellowship Hall 1 year ago…

Work-people (197)

Work-people (210)

Work-people (496)

Fellowship Hall now…


The church entrance foyer then….

Work-people (237)

Work-people (428)Work-people (867)

The church entrance foyer now…


Pastor Clint’s office then …Work-people (458)Work-people (427)

Pastor Clint’s office now…

What a difference a year filled with
God’s grace and provision can make!

Work-people (27)319894_2097407572035_1750753627_981832_1493576010_n

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation, baling hay and motorcycles

What does graduation and motorcycles have in common?  Absolutely nothing but they were both activities we participated in last week.

I really should try and catch you up on the last month instead of the last week but that seems like too big of a task so we’ll start with the past 8 days.

Last Monday was Miss A’s preschool graduation, complete with paper graduation mortarboards and everything.  I was able to take a couple of hours off of work to go and was so happy I did. 

Very cute … the girl

Ava preschool grad

and the ceremony.  Smile

Ava preschool grad 2

(Our grand girl is the one on the far right)

We baled some hay…


We don’t have much, just a couple of small patches, but we bale it and the neighbor buys it so it’s all good.

We were also able to get out on the motorcycle on Sunday and Monday. 
On Sunday we rode with friends into the Southern Wisconsin hills.


IMG_9764Our leader for the day, Sue.  Yes, that’s a woman on a sport bike.  Smile

We had a little bit of everything with us…a Yamaha, a couple of Kawasakis, a Honda, a Harley and even a reproduction Model A. 


DH had to try it out but had to practically fold into thirds to get behind the wheel. Being a reproduction, it kept up with the bikes pretty well.  IMG_9773We saw a lot of these beautiful rolling hillsides on Sunday but on Monday when just DH & I took a ride we saw much of very flat Illinois fields.
IMG_9799Who says it has to be Oklahoma for the wind to come sweeping down the plains?  It was an incredibly windy day and we really had no business riding the motorcycle in all that wind but we did.  Live and learn (again).

How was your Memorial Day weekend?