Thursday, April 3, 2014

"C" is for Corn

If you are familiar at all with the Midwest, you know that Corn is everywhere and is in many things, from Ethanol fuel to much of what we eat(the dreaded high fructose corn syrup - meh).  

We also burn corn for heat in our multi-fuel pellet stove.  We burn wood pellets and sunflowers too but that's a story for another time.

We even use corn in our decorating, believe it or not.  From corn shocks on the front porch to table decorations at a down home rustic wedding reception.  Our new daughter-in-law found this idea for their wedding reception last October on Pinterest.  Side note:  Don't ya just love Pinterest?  It's a mason jar filled with corn and a votive candle in the middle.  

As we were on our way to their  new home for the wedding reception when we received a call from our son, asking if we were going by a feed store along the way and could we pick up a bag of corn for them as he had forgotten to get some from the neighbor?  We were already too far to stop any place plus there is just something not right about paying $5 for a small bag of corn when the farmer gets paid $5+ per bushel.  Know what I mean?
Well, lo and behold, God provides!  We're bookin' on down the highway and see piles of corn along the road!  DH looked at me and asked if we should we go back?  Uh, yeah!  DH was such a good sport about it.  He pulled over, threw the car in reverse and backed up on the shoulder for approximately 1/4 mile. LOL
We had a few bags in the trunk with reception supplies, so we emptied things out and scooped up as much as we could carry.  
We were very thankful that this highway is mostly used for grain semis heading to the river so it wasn't very busy on a Saturday and for the trucker who was likely overweight and pulled over to dump a bit of his load off before he ran across scales the state troopers probably had set up.  All of this equals provision for us!

Again, for those of you not from this area, our grain semis are limited to weight of 80,000 lbs. A few of our farmers/truckers might overload their trucks on occasion. ;)  Every extra bushel on a truck makes for less trips to the river.  Not that it makes it right but it is a reality.  Many times,  especially in the fall, our law enforcement will pick a spot and set up what is called "temporary scales."  If the scales are out, all trucks must stop and weigh.  The fines for being overweight can be pretty hefty.  We're pretty sure this was a trucker dumping off some extra grain before he got to the temp scales which he was likely alerted to by other drivers over the radio or phone.  We'll never know but were thankful they were there for us!


  1. Okay, this is just funny. How often does a person just happen to find exactly what they need sitting on the side of the road? What a great story. :)

  2. Cute idea for the votive holder! And isn't it amazing what we'll do for our kids sometimes? We grew up in Kansas so we used wheat instead of rice. (of course that was almost 40 years ago and loooooong before Pinterest to get those creative ideas)

  3. I have a friend whose family live in Wamego, Kansas and I visited there with her. I know about the corn and the corn jar is too cute. Isnt it wonderful how God provides just when we need it?

  4. Your post reminded me of that movie, The Informant, that came out some years ago. They filmed some of it in St. Louis where I live. We are a city surrounded by corn. The film starts like this:
    Mark Whitacre: [voiceover] You know that orange juice you have every morning? You know what's in that? Corn. And you know what's in the maple syrup you put on your pancakes? You know what makes it taste so good? Corn. And when you're good and help with the trash, you know what makes the big, green bags biodegradable?
    Mark Whitacre: [to his son] Do you?
    Alexander Whitacre: Uh-huh. Corn.
    Mark Whitacre: Corn *starch*. But Daddy's company didn't come up with that one. DuPont did.

    Nice post, I enjoyed it. :)

  5. Hi there - just checking in from the A-Z challenge from rural France at Enjoy the rest of the challenge. Love your words to live by too :-)

  6. Love how we are provided for!
    We have the temporary weight scales and permanent for logging and potatoes up here in Maine. I've never seen any potatoes or logs ditched though. I guess they must either load legally or pay the fines here!
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  7. Stopping by from the AtoZ List. What a refreshing blog you have here. My mother was an Iowa Farm Girl, so I'm well acquainted with 'Corn', and since I am allergic to wheat, it is a stable in my pantry with corn flour like Masa Harina and Pioneer Cornmeal. Love the Mason Jar Corn Candle idea, and yes I love Pinterest. Enjoyed my visit and your words to live by are 'classic'...thanks for sharing them.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  8. That's great, and he's such a great sport!

  9. I love decorating with corn, cotton, and peanuts! And we never ever overload our peanut trailers *looks around*.