Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Goodness

G if for Goodness, amazing BBQ & husband Goodness that is!

It's finally warming up enough here to use our grill and knowing the way to my heart, DH prepared smoked country ribs for supper last night. I'm not even a huge rib fan but these were amazing!  

 We topped these delicious ribs with the little bit of Sonny's BBQ sauce we have left from our trip to Tennessee last fall.  We can't purchase Sonny's here in the Midwest.  We can buy other sauces that are good but we've yet to find one as good as Sonny's.  And of all things, when we were in New Orleans in January, I completely forgot to stock up [face palm].


  1. I've never had Sonny's but will look for it when we're in Tennessee. We order a spicy sauce from Kansas City. Someone hubs works with sent us a couple bottles a while back, and now we're hooked and order it online. It's called Night of the Living BBQ Sauce and it is hot. I usually mix it with a little regular mild sauce to tame it, but it has a wonderful flavor. Happy to see you in the A-Z!

  2. I dont care for ribs, but hubby loves them, and he gets his sauce from Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, Ala. I know you enjoyed yours tho!

  3. I've had Sonny's barbque sauce. It's really good. When I lived overseas, every time I came home, I would stock up on stuff I couldn't get over their, like peanut butter. One visit, I forgot. Kicked myself for the six months until my next visit home. haha.

  4. I love Sonnys' and thankfully they're not hard to find where I am. I like their mustardy sauce the best. If you need me to send you a few bottles, I'll call my local Sonny's and ask if they have them. No trouble at all!