Sunday, February 7, 2010

Officially over

the Christmas season that is. 
I took the inside decorations down over a week ago but they were still piled upstairs in a corner.  They're now officially boxed up and the attic door is slammed shut, not to be opened again until mid-November.   The outside decorations came down on Friday before we get a another big snow and they’re froze in the ground again.
In the process, I rearranged a few things and made some other changes. 
Here’s one of my “before and afters.”
These two pictures hung in my bathroom.  The one on the right had a beautiful violet colored pressed flower in it which over the years has faded to brown – Yuk! 
I replaced both of these with pictures I took in New Orleans which I printed out in sepia tones.  I’m lovin’ the sepia! 
The above picture is taken of the entrance to Audubon Park. 
I’m still not sure on the frame though.  I’m thinking about washing or antiquing the frame somehow but can’t quite decide.  I guess mainly because I don’t know how to do it to get the look I'm seeing in my mind, so for now it hangs as it is. 
I just love the sprawling oak trees in the south.  There’s something that makes me want to curl up under it with a good book.


  1. WOW.. what a difference the sepia photos make in showing off the white frames. I have some black frames sitting here in my office and have pondering which photos to put in them for weeks now. Guess I better get on that.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Love the new pics! Especially the oak tree...stark, yet beautiful!

    The nice thing about trying things with white painted frames is that you can always repaint if it stinks ;) if you wanted, you could water down some brown paint (or use a glaze) and rub a bit on the frame around the details to grunge it up a bit. Or you could paint the frame an accent color, repaint it white and then distress it to get the accent out. Love can always change it if you hate it (like my chalkboard!)

  3. The pictures are really special...I think the white frames kind of set them apart. blessings, marlene

  4. The New Orleans pictures are just lovely in the frames. And such a nice reminder of your wonderful trip of blessings.