Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's question of the day...

I love music!  Am I musically inclined?  not in the least but I love how music makes me feel and how it can stir up an emotion or spark a memory. 

When I hear a song, I can usually associate it to where I was or what I was doing when I heard it playing before.

For instance...
Pinball Wizard - Jr High
Roll over Beethoven - camping out in a friends backyard
Boston and Meatloaf or Gary Wright's Dreamweaver - High School dances
Air Supply - when DH and I were dating
Alabama - 1988 Wisconsin State Fair

You get the drift.

My tastes in music can be pretty eclectic.  My mood defines what I listen to.   For the most part I lean towards contemporary christian and praise music.  It settles me and keeps me focused but if I'm cleaning the house or driving there's nothing like a little AC/DC to get me going.  There's two extremes for you! 

I also like country, bluegrass, contemporary and oldies.  I tend to gravitate towards a little more upbeat music.  Nothing slow and melodramatic for me.  I find it depresses me.  The only music I almost never listen to is classical or rap.

A couple of my current favorites are Lady Antebellum's Run to You and Hillsong's You'll Come.   

What type of music do you listen to mostly?  Do you have a current favorite song?


  1. I never would have pegged you for an AC/DC girl...I love you more and more! When we were leaving our wedding reception, we got called back in because someone had requested a song for was an AC/DC song (can you guess which one?!?)....and it was requested by Jim's CAD teacher from high school! (Funny and Creepy!) Too this day, we call eachother if we hear that song on the radio!

    I love a huge variety like you, obviously because our ring tones kept getting mixed up ;)

  2. I like lite music, but mostly contemporary Christian, although I do love my southern gospel too. Just can't beat a Bill Gaither concert. If you haven't been to one, you need to! Oldies are ok, but in small doses. I love piano and saxophone (Kenny G!)music too, and Louie and I love Blue Grass...anything to get our toes tapping. Country is ok, but I tire of that pretty easily, and definitately NO RAP for me!

  3. OMG.. so many types of music I enjoy. I go from station to station in the truck. Just don't like rap, or heavy christian music. Opera kind of grates on my ears a bit too.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (A bit of ZZ Top is always good!!)

  4. Love Lady Antebellum too - especially "Need You Now". My favorite right now!

    I agree - it's funny how a song can bring back so many memories. I guess that's a sign of a well-written song.

  5. My new favorite is Zac Brown Band. I said them on an award show and loved them. the kids got me their CD for my B-Day. I even found them on Facebook!

  6. I confess I don't listen to a lot of music any more because I've always got a book in the cd player but when I do it's definitely praise music - anything uplifting but I love most everything Hillsong does. blessings, marlene