Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday question of the day...

For some of you, this week's question may be a way of life but for me it's not the norm.

Do you remember the song from years ago (I'm dating myself) "Alone Again, Naturally"?  I think it might have been by the Beatles (way too long ago for this brain!). I don't remember for sure but can hear it in my head right now. :)

(EDIT: Correction - thank you Osage Bluff Quilter for knowing it was Gilbert O'Sullivan and not the Beatles.)  
For me there is nothing natural about being alone. 

Some women can't wait to get the house to themselves. They rent movies, eat what they want when they want, go shopping, do whatever they feel like when they feel like it, etc. But I also know others who absolutely can't do it and go stay with someone if they will have to be alone.

I think I hit somewhere in the middle. I'm bombarded with people all day at work in person and by phone so I have to confess to enjoying "alone time" for a few hours on the occasional evening, but am a creature of habit and really don't like being alone for any length of time. Maybe it's just that extrovert part of my personality but there is comfort in having another human being in the house, even if it's only small children.

I've gotten much better at doing this as I've aged but still don't like it. It doesn't happen often but, once in a great while, DH is out of town for a few days. 
Years ago, I used to literally not sleep at all. In fact, there was one time that comes to mind in particular that I was stripping wallpaper off the walls at 2 am. Now that's some nervous energy! I've now learned to cope with it but still don't like it.

So here's your "Monday question of the day"...

Do you mind staying alone or do you relish the quiet time? 

If you look forward to the opportunity, do you have anything specific you like to do during your "alone time" to pass the time?


  1. I love my alone time, but I know that I am not truly alone so I think that is why I enjoy it so much. As to what to do during my alone time, well that is simple. Quilt of course. I spend many hours with my sewing machine!

  2. I like being alone. In short time periods like you. About a day and a half and I'm ready for people to come home. I know people who can't be alone with themselves for 2 hours and feel lost.

  3. You know my answer! I'm super not good with it...I stay up until 1 or 2 so that I'm so tired that I can't help but fall asleep ;) But I'm learning that alone time is also really good too. Last summer I went to my first movie alone. At first it was awkward and I was fiddley, but then I realized how awesome it was! What a refreshing day!

  4. When I have alone time I like to do cleaning or decorating projects and order take-out. Not having to worry about feeding anyone is freeing. Married to a 3rd shifter has prepared me to be alone. I always have a good watch dog and a loaded gun:)

  5. I don't know, I need more practice! :)

    I've been home alone one time... in 08 when dh & the kids went to Great America. Two nights out.

    I don't like going outside in the dark here but otherwise I was fine. However, that was before the puppy came along so I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem now. :)

    Really, that is the only time. My man never leaves!

  6. I love being alone but about three days is enough though I'm ok with more. I clean house thoroughly the first day and then don't touch it again. I sew, I read, I go to a movie but it's also a time to pray and to use the solitude to focus myself on where God is leading me. blessings, marlene

  7. I'm actually alone more than you might think. There's pool practice, there's pool leagues, there's tournaments, there's once a year pool tournaments in Atlantic Iowa (this weekend), there's state pool tournaments in April, and there's lots of evenings when Louie is downstairs, and I'm upstairs. I guess I'm used to it. Louie will be gone for 3 days this weekend, and I'm sort of looking forward to it. So yes, I guess I don't mind alone time, but there was a time when I HATED it. I knew I couldn't win, so I just accepted it.
    Have a great week!

  8. Alone Again Naturally . . . Gilbert O'Sullivan

    I don't mind being home in the day time alone, but like you I hate being home at night. The walls talk, the bed rattles, the floors pop and the ghost talk.

    Off to do some quilting, if I ever get finished reading my bloggers postings.

  9. I was divorced and single for MANY years. It took a long time to enjoy my own company and spending time alone doing whatever I pleased, going where I wanted and coming home when I wanted.

    The one thing that attracted Hubby to me was that I was not a cling-on His second wife was and it destroyed their marriage.

    Alone time is just not a concern for me.

    I sing, dance, play, shop, photograph. I am content with myself I guess.

    The Blue Ridge Gal