Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Question of the Day?

Have you ever thought it would be fun to meet up with other blog authors?

I have had the pleasure of meeting a few bloggers I regularly read, so it’s crossed my mind about how fun it could be to meet more. Blogs give a person such an incredible glimpse into a person’s soul and life. Don’t some feel like old friends even though you’ve never actually met?

So here’s the question…
If a blog reader emailed you and said “hey, I read your blog all the time and am going to be in your area. I would love to stop by or meet somewhere and talk to you in person.”

What would your response be? Would that weird you out and make you think the person asking is a “creeper” or would you embrace the thought of it and be ecstatic?


  1. I'd be thrilled! I've met a couple of blog friends already and had a wonderful time. However, with that said, both times we met in a public place - once McDonalds and once a chinese restaurant. It's always best to be cautious. blessings, marlene

  2. I would say Come on over! so if you go through mid-missouri, you better give me a call.
    I'm 15 mintues from the state Capitol, 30 minutes from Lake of the Ozarks.
    I am meeting up with a new blogger in March and we are going to a quilt show. Wanna go?

  3. I guess it could depend on the blogger and your history with them. But this is a popular idea that's catching on quickly. I'm always reading on someone's blog that they met some fellow bloggers somewhere and spent a day shopping and visiting. I think it's a wonderful idea. I'm looking forward to meeting some blogging friends when I go to Texas this summer. It will be a first for all of us! How exciting. Now you and I only live a couple hours apart and I've suggested we get together at Vinnie's in Galena for lunch. Why not invite others! What a great place to have fun! We may need to wait till the 'great snows' are over! :)If someone wants to have it somewhere els, that will work too. Just say the word!

  4. I'd be thrilled to meet them somewhere for lunch and shopping and I'd take it from there!

  5. I've met a couple of other bloggers and both seemed to be just as nice as they seem on their blogs. Now maybe they were on their best behavior (LOL!) but I had a great time and wouldn't hesitate to meet with them again. Both times were in public places and they were bloggers that I've followed and commented on their blogs for over a year. And the same for them with my blog.

    I'd love to meet other like-minded bloggers eventually - so let me know, Lori, if you're in the neighborhood!

  6. My husband and I met a nice couple named Dan and Lori through blogging. We aren't that far away from each other, but it just doesn't seem like our schedules ever allow us to spend much time together......but it sure was nice to meet them! Bloggers are the best!

  7. I would jump at the opportunity. In fact, Lori, I am still trying to get together with you on a trip by your work to visit Mom. I have a lot of aol quilting chat room friends. I have met many of them and they are as nice as could be. One of them I even stay with when I go to the AQS show. On line friends are a wonderful complement to the ones you have at home.