Saturday, October 2, 2010

Somebody’s 4

Miss Ava turned 4 years old this week.  Her party was tonight.  It just seem possible that it’s been four years ago already that Ava, our first grandchild, let alone a granddaughter, after having 3 boys was born.  I can’t begin to express how much joy she has brought to her Grandpa and I.  She is such a happy, loving child.  It so makes my heart melt when she comes running towards us for a hug when we see each her.   

I hadn’t talked about her gift here yet for two reasons,
1)I didn’t want her to know what the gift was before tonight (actually, I wanted it to be a surprise for Mommy too and Mommy is the one who reads me here) and
2) I didn’t have it completely finished until this afternoon!  I am usually not a procrastinator but life has just plain gotten in the way of alot of things lately.

I found the idea for her gift here @ Pie Plate patterns.  It’s called LuLu’s Yo-Yo’s.  I called my version Ava’s Flower Garden as I didn’t follow the pattern closely plus I wanted to personalize it for our Ava.  If you want to download the pattern, it’s FREE!  How fun is that?

This was also my first attempt at free-motion quilting.  So far not a fan but I understand it’s a practice makes almost perfect thing.  I will need alot of practice if this quilt is any indication.  ARGH!  I can’t believe I have hair left!

Here is my version of LuLu’s Yo-Yo’s – Ava’s Flower Garden.

Avas flower garden-Sept 10 (2)

Avas flower garden-Sept 10

Miss Ava loves her American Girl dolls so I made her a matching quilt for her doll as well. 
Ava didn’t have a bed for her dolls.  I happened to mention in conversation to my friend, Shelly that I was possibly looking for a doll bed.  I hadn’t found one I liked and thought it would have to come at a later time.  But, lo and behold, this past Monday, Shelly called and offered me the one she had when she was a little girl!  Wow, I was dumbfounded!  We went to work on it with a saw, paint and new bedding.  In rather quick order -- wallah, we have a bed for Ava’s dolls too!  You rock Shelly!Avas flower garden-Sept 10 (5) 

Avas flower garden-Sept 10 (3)

Here’s praying you & your dollies sleep tight tonight!  We love you sweetpea!



  1. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

    the grand daughter . . .
    the quilts
    the friend who gave you the bed

    Happy 4th Bday to the doll.

  2. Absolutely Adorable! Miss Ava is one lucky little girl! Hard to believe she is 4 already...

  3. So cute!! I hope she loves the new quilt & bed for her dolly! Love your layout for the pictures.

    Your quilting is great, especially for your first time. You forgot to show the clouds you quilted in the sky. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ava!

    What a lovely gift of memories you have made for your grandaughter, she will have them for her own children. Love the pattern, lots of hard work but oh so pretty.

    Have a blessed Sunday....Hugs

  5. What adorable quilts those are! Your little grand daughter is one lucky girl! Happy Birthday wishes to her !

  6. Cute! I just got my first sewing machine "tutorial" today from my mother in law. In about 30 years, I can make things like your quit, lol.

  7. Those turned out cute. And I see you got them done on time. The dolly bed is so fun too. Ava is a lucky little girl...

  8. Happy Birthday Ava, and the quilts are beautiful. What a wonderful grandma you are, and that Shelly sure is a sweetie, isn't she? The American Girl doll should sleep tight tonight!

  9. I'm sure Ava loved it! Your quilting was amazing---I loved the clouds---perfect little touches!

    Oh my, the doll bed---makes ME want to be 4 again :) I'm just so happy that I remembered that it was in the attic! (and that it could be used ny such a sweet little girl!).

    Many blessings to Ava on her birthday!

  10. I'm sure Ava is going to love and treasure this quilt! And the doll bed is just adorable.

  11. That is just precious! I'm sure she loved it and what a lovely keepsake. My mil crocheted blankets for my girls when they were babies and I've saved those for their children one day. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

  12. What an adorable quilt and matching doll quilt/bed. Beautiful gift, Lori.

  13. Woouuu!! it´s adorable miniquilt doll!!! and the big, too!!!