Sunday, September 26, 2010

25th day of Home Schooling

Do I home school?  No.  Did I?  No. It’s something that I honestly never even considered.  It just wouldn’t have been my gig, so to speak.  But I sure take my hat off to those of you who do or did!  Way to take control of your children's education! 

So what has this got to do with my blog then you might ask?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this last week in waiting rooms, not really by choice but because of things that needed to be dealt with.  That being said, Friday  morning as DH & I were sitting in yet another waiting room…we watched a Mom and her four children, ages ranging from 5 – 13 (guessing) walk in the building.  They headed straight for us with huge smiles on their faces like they thought we were sitting there waiting for them.  They didn’t look at anyone else and there were at least a dozen others sitting in the same area.  It was almost like they were obeying a homing device that led them directly to us.

They said Good Morning and that they were celebrating their 25th day of homeschooling by committing random acts of kindness. 

They handed me this envelope.IMG_4564

  On the back it said this…..IMG_4565

Inside was “Smiles to me”… IMG_4566

and other random quotes the Mom said the children picked out. Each card they were passing out was different.IMG_4567

As well as these clever little gifts.


They didn’t hand one to anyone else in that waiting area.  How did they know that this was just what I needed to brighten my otherwise not so great day dealing with things I didn’t want to deal with?

We chatted a few minutes but never got their names.  I like to believe our meeting was God-ordained.  God knew that I and maybe even they needed this chance meeting on a typical Friday  morning.



  1. When we are on His path we cross the paths of others, also on their God-created path. I love when that happens! :) blessings, marlene

  2. I love this!! What a smart & fun idea for all. :)

  3. Lori that's so fun! They had a gps (God positioning system) right to your chair! Love it when God sends us surprises like that :)

    Now I'm off to grab some candy and envelopes--the boys are going to love this idea!

  4. If only they knew how many people they blessed with their sweet gift! I loved it and I'm in Oklahoma!

  5. That is just so awesome. I recently met a couple from Marion whose kids are homeschooled. The children met us with a sincere smile on their faces, genuinely pleased to meet us, were very polite, and you could see that the relationship between children and parents really was something special. They too, are christian, and I know that had to be a huge part of it, but my hat goes off to those who homeschool too. It's a huge job, but the end result will be good, worthwhile, caring members of our future. What an awesome lesson those children learned that day, and what a blessing for you.

    Now with that said, I do hope all is well with you and Dan. I also love what Marlene said. How true!

  6. That is so sweet and fun. Hope that the rest of the visit there turned out as well....... Been thinking of you extra since our fun lunch on Wed.

  7. How adorable was that? I think some of the homeschooling Moms are truly an inspiration!

  8. How wonderful! We should all participate in RAKs like this.

  9. We were homeschoolers and so glad we did. Wish we had more kids to homeschool; looking forward to supporting our homeschooled grandkids :D
    What a sweet idea! I'm so glad they found a thankful recipient!

  10. This is the neatest thing. I truly believe with you that this was to brighten your day. I love to hear things like this. It was no accident that they picked you!!!

  11. I would never of thought to homeschool my kids...we probably would've killed each other! My hats off to the mother's who are patient enough to do it.

  12. that is wonderful...isn't it great the choices parents have today...