Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Getaway – Part III

After heading back north to cross the river, we started down the Iowa side of the Mississippi.

Our first stop was at Pikes Peak State Park.  The overlook here is always so pretty.  This is the point where the Wisconsin River dumps into the Mississippi.  Water is high right now so it was harder to see the flow pattern.  IMG_4800

We moved on south to a quaint little river town, Guttenburg, Iowa.  Our hotel for the night was called The Landing.  What a nice place!  [Thanks Nancy for the recommendation!]


The Landing was originally built as a warehouse & later became a pearl button factory before renovations for the hotel.

I loved the old limestone walls inside and out. IMG_4819


We ordered out pizza from Joe’s Pizza just down the street and enjoyed supper on the hotel deck overlooking the river.  It was a beautiful night to be dining al fresco and no bugs either!


We didn’t see as much barge traffic as usual which I’m guessing again was due to the high water. 


I walked out on the deck the next morning before we left to watch the sunrise.  Stunning!  The colors of the sky changed by the minute.

IMG_4814 IMG_4821

As we were leaving Guttenberg, the hill across the highway was bright with color.


still more to come…



  1. It looks like a fantastic trip! I love the oranges, reds, yellows and greens that you see in your area. Gorgeous!

  2. I like Pikes' Peak! Great pix of the 2 of you. The hotel looks cute... I love the limestone, too!

  3. Looks like a great trip! Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year!
    I think we might have been to the cute little hotel (the Landing). One time we cruised down the Mississippi in our boat and stopped at a place where they let us tie up for the night on their dock. Several years ago, but reminds me of the place!

  4. Love seeing the pictures of your trip. Thanks!

  5. That hotel looks beautiful! How cool!

  6. Glad you enjoyed The Landing, too. When we were at Pike's Peak there were loads of hummingbird feeders. I'll bet the park was busy!