Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Getaway – Part II

Where has the last week went?  I had every intention of getting this post done the very next day.  I’m just sayin’…[sigh]

We woke to a very chilly morning on Friday but as the previous morn, it warmed rather quickly.  


The trees wearing their fall colors were gorgeous!  Unfortunately these pictures aren’t doing them any justice.  With the sun so nice and bright the pictures look faded out.


Our first order of business for the day was to find an apple orchard.  There is a small town in Wisconsin called Gays Mills that is known for their many orchards.  Apple trees were everywhere.  We stopped at two orchards, Sunrise & Flemings.  We liked Sunrise Orchard the most but Flemings had the kind of apples that are DH’s favorite, so we had to stop there too.  :)  His favorite apple is called Mutsu or sometimes Crispin.  Not many orchards grow them.  Not sure why? 


Every place you looked were apples and more apples! Here they were bouncing off a conveyor belt and being sorted into big crates.  And to think I’m always careful not to bang apples around that I purchase in the store so they don’t bruise!  hmmm……

No trip to an orchard is complete without a fresh warm apple cider donut!  These were especially yummy!


After eating our fill of apples, donuts and various samples, we traveled further south down the river with the intent of taking the Cassville Ferry across to the Iowa side towards our hotel for the night. 

While eating a late lunch at this little hotel in Bagley, Wisconsin, we were told the ferry wasn’t running due to high water.  Bummer!  We were really looking forward to it.    IMG_4759 After leaving Bagley, we rode our favorite road in all of Wisconsin, even if it is gravel and not paved.  (Sorry, Joe – chips happen!)  It’s called Dugway Road.  Dugway Road runs off of County A south of Bagley and leads to Glen Haven.  It’s a great little drive directly along the river.  Bluffs are on one side and the railroad and river are on the other.  It’s not heavily traveled so it’s a nice leisurely ride.  Even the snakes were out enjoying the nice sunny day.  I lost count at how many we saw or ran over that were laying in the middle of the road.  Sorry no pictures of snakes!  We kept moving!    IMG_4777 IMG_4762IMG_4785

More to come… 



  1. What a fabulous day you had! Apple cider donuts? Now that's something I've never tried before. Sounds totally yummy.


  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  3. Jim used to take his students over the ferry to Cassville when he was teaching 5th. We loved going there with our kids, too.