Monday, March 15, 2010

Mountainfest Quilt Show

While we were in the Smokies, we spent Wednesday morning at the Mountainfest Quilt Show in Pigeon Forge.  This was the first actual quilt & vendor show I’ve ever attended.  I lead such a sheltered life.  ;) 

Dan and Gary were such good sports to wander around a woman filled convention center all morning plus they did it with very little complaining to boot!    The best part was when we walked in the door, they gave us a plastic glove (in case we wanted to touch the quilts).  The look on Dan’s face was priceless!  He was a tad confused by it. 

However, he was enthralled with a long arm quilting machine being demonstrated, so that kept him (& I) occupied for a good part of the time.  His wheels were definitely turning so who am I to stop that motion?  He’s thinking custom quilting could be a good supplementary income when we relocate some day.  I told him to keep thinking those good thoughts!

Most of the quilts we saw were way out of my league as far as patience skill goes but were fun to gaze at just the same. 

This one was Dan’s favorite.  It was in shades of brown and cream and had 3700 pieces to it.  I can’t even imagine piecing that much together.  I have trouble finishing a quilt with 8” squares.
Love the colors on this one.  The turquoise and royal blue against the black was wonderful. IMG_3182
There were a number of what I would call “scenery” quilts.   Just look at the colors of the sky they pieced behind the branches.IMG_3183
I’m most definitely not into tigers nor would I want this on my bed but I can certainly still appreciate the skill and work it took to piece this tiger quilt.  The entire thing was made up of 1” squares and looked to be about a queen size quilt.  That’s a lot of squares! IMG_3184
This quilt won best of show.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  The oranges and purples were way more vibrant than the picture shows. IMG_3186
I liked the simplicity of this one, especially the leaf border. IMG_3187
I still really like red and black together.  Maybe it goes back to my high school days and our school colors. IMG_3189
This was my favorite.  I love the whimsy of it.  It’s just plain fun!  Notice the patchwork field behind the house and the tornado coming across it. IMG_3191
Hope you enjoyed coming along with me to the show.  :)


  1. Thanks for the quilt show!

    My DH thinks I should get a Long Arm too. I don't think I'm ready for one yet but it is something to think about. In fact I spent some time at the APQS booth at a small show here this past weekend.

    Looks like you had a nice vacation! I'm headed to Oklahoma this week to see my sister. Can't wait!

  2. Oooh, love the tornado quilt! what fun.

    Now back to bed for this gal.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. I've heard good things about this quilt show. How lucky you were to stumble on it!

  4. You went WHERE???? :) For only 1/2 a day??? With the men??? Oh my dear!!!

    What did you buy???? :)

    At my first trip to the Chicago show, I had to run quick in the last 30 mins to look at the quilt show as we had spent our whole day in the vendor hall! :)

    (love the tornado quilt too!!)

  5. It's always easy to entertain them with some kind of machinery, isn't it? Sounds like you may get you one of those. I have made 4 quilts in my life, just can't seem to get started on another one although I had planned to do that this winter. Where did the time go? You had a great vacation. I'm still enjoying the photos. It is finally getting nicer weather wise. Perhaps we can have our blog get-together soon! I'm looking forward to it.

  6. A vacation and a quilt show - does life get any better???

  7. These are just gorgeous! Looking at all your pictures makes me excited for our up coming trip. I can't wait...I love the mountains in the winter. We've spent several Christmases there...they are beautiful every season.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment on my Mom's smocking. I was in eastern Tenn. for the first time last April for my nephew's wedding and I loved it. It reminded me so much of Vermont. Can't wait to go back some day.