Monday, March 1, 2010

Computer Tech and Question of the Day

Our laptop has been acting funny.  I'm not talking funny ha-ha just stupid funny.  Our laptop is only a year old but I'd be typing along and it would only catch half the letters.  I knew I touched those letters while typing but they wouldn't show up.  Plus, I received constant errors.  Can you say frustrating!  I had all  but given up commenting on others blogs and Facebook was the worst!

I've anti-virused, ad-awared, defragged and re-defragged convinced it was a system issue.  Then I started blaming the cat.  Sorry Racer!  He insists on sitting next to the computer if you're working on it just in case you might print something.  He has a fascination with the printer.  I thought there might be cat hair down in the keys or something. 

I was just short of calling in my own personal computer technician, nephew Nathan, when it dawned on me that the only times I've had issues (with the computer not personally) has been when I was using the internet.  I'm a little slow on realizing those things sometimes.  I've used Internet Explorer since we've had a computer and never had issues like this plus I had just downloaded the updated version so I should be set, right?  Then, I remembered a friend saying she used Google Chrome instead of Explorer.  Time to think out of my box.

Yesterday, the proverbial straw finally broke this camels back.  I tried Google Chrome and oh my goodness, it's amazingly fast.  The pages load so much quicker.  It's unbelievable!  It's going to take a little bit to get on to it as it's set up different than I'm used to.  I still can't figure out who to find or add favorites, but I'll get there.

Now for Monday's question of the day...

What internet browser do you use?
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
or something else?


  1. We quit using Internet Explorer way back at the turn of the century. It was never a good browser. I tried Firefox and recently downloaded Google Chrome which is extremely fast. I've used Safari for years, but when I really want speed I use Google Chrome. Have both browsers on my computer.

    It's beyond me why anyone would use Internet Explorer in 2010.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. I used IE, always have, but maybe it's time for a change!

  3. I like Di... "why would anyone use IE in 2010?" :)

    Google Chrome! The address box IS the search box. I love the most used icons on the new tab page. And it always reopens to all the tabs & pages that I closed it with.

    But the best... I can keep it just for me as dh doesn't use Chrome. :)

    So glad you've seen the light!! :)

  4. Never used anything but I.E. As soon as I read that you were having 'puter problems, I thought "Hello?!?...ask Nate!" (He's saved some pretty important stuff of ours more than a few times!)

  5. I use internet explorer. We have dial up and we are always having problems with the internet, so I've always wondered if it was the dial up or the internet explorer. Sometimes the internet just won't work. Sometimes pages say "page cannot be displayed" even though I just looked at the thing. My virus scanner is installed and used to work, now it just quit working and nothing I do makes it work. So I'm paying for a virus scanner that's not scanning any viruses. Oh and you can forget loading any flash or adobe acrobat updates, but I'm pretty sure thats because of dial up not internet explorer. I wonder if Google would fix my problems, lol.

  6. IE is most susceptible to virsus, spyware attacks, too. FireFox is a never fail browser for me. Chrome might be fast but I've heard of some other problems associated with it.

  7. We've used IE since they've turned the WWW on. Maybe I should try Chrome, I have a horrible time with adware.