Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday question of the day…

We’re off for a little R&R this week to what has come to feel like our second home.  In fact, by the time you’re reading this we should be almost to our destination.  Gotta love the publish scheduler tool! 

We’re supposed to have internet access where we’re staying.  If we do and if I get time in between all the R&R activities, I may post a bit.

Today’s question…

Do you take an annual vacation?  or weekend trips?  Is it always to the same place?  or do you prefer to just hang out at home?

Here’s a picture hint as to where we’re headed…

Smokies Vacation 2007 065

I doubt it looks quite this green yet though.


  1. Enjoy your vacation! It looks like a beautiful location.

    We do both - we go and we stay. I enjoy both. Last year, we had 4 week trips out of state and our staycation didn't occur until December. I was ready for it when it came! This year, just we're having 2-3 trips out of state with more time at home.

  2. Hey Lori! That looks like a pretty place; where is it? I had to make a trip to NC in April 2 years back. It was like visiting a different country! Everything was so dead here and everthing from Kentucky on eastward was green and blooming. I want to go again. We were there when the earthquake happened here, so I missed it.
    Hope you have a good time. I think you must be somewhere in the east or southeast?

  3. Tennessee again? Have fun, my friends!

  4. Have a great week - hope you have good weather! We enjoyed our time there last fall.

  5. I dunno where it is but it's sure purdy!

    Have fun!

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (vacation?? what's that??)

  6. We travel alot. Weekends, vacations, whatever we can get away with : ) We go to different spots although there is a particular beach we gravitate back to now and then.

    We're spending Easter in the Smoky Mtns. and I'm ready for a change of scenery, some warmer weather, no snow on the ground! and to see my girls who will be joining us from college.

    Enjoy your holiday...looks lovely!