Thursday, March 4, 2010

As promised

I promised a couple of weeks ago, after our ladies small group sleepover/craft weekend, to post my completed projects in a “few” days.  “Few” is relative, right?  I finished the last of them tonight.

Shelly was our instructor for the day.  Check out her blog, she is one creative lady!

Everyone could choose between doing the projects Shelly was leading or bring something of their own.  Most of the ladies made Shelly’s projects.

The middle board is an artist canvas that we mod-podged scrapbook paper onto and then painted on whatever saying we wanted.  Some used bible verse, others favorite quotes and I chose the word “Create”.  I wanted something for the blank wall in my sewing/craft room and thought that “Create” was fitting.  Then I got the idea to cover more canvas frames with fabric and embellish them.   I think I’ll add a few more over time but this is what I have so far.


IMG_3020  I used the same trim on all of the boards to tie them together but embellished them all differently.


This one I added knitting needles and a big fabric yo-yo flower.   I haven’t knit in a while but do enjoy it occasionally.

The one below I think I’ll still add an old photograph to but for now it has old sewing machine bobbins attached.  This was my favorite fabric by far of what I used.IMG_3019 

At first I thought this board needed something else but the more I look at it, I think I’ll leave it as is.  The fabric is busy enough without adding more to look at.IMG_3021 

We also made these fun metal stamped necklaces.  Again, we could stamp whatever we wanted to on them.  The best part of these was I learned how to use DH’s drill press.  How fun is that? 


It was an incredibly fun weekend and we’ve all decided to do it again in the not so distant future.



  1. I enjoyed seeing your projects. Poor Dan will be booted out sooner than he thinks? Or maybe he could join you! I hope you are able to get together again real soon. It is so good for the soul!
    be blessed,

  2. I love your projects. Such a neat idea. Wish I lived closer, I would join in, I love crafting!

    until next time... nel

  3. Lovely crafty projects! I've seen necklaces like that before and have thought of trying one myself. Isn't Mod Podge great! Some things just are timeless. I've got some here in front of me now for a different type of necklace.

  4. You did a really fabulous job on your fabric selection.. and yes,,,, the one does need a photo and I'm sure you will find the perfect one!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Love your canvas boards!! I still don't like mine but am done with it. I want to make another one tho! :)

  6. Very Nice! I love th knitting needles--I never would have thought of that!

  7. ...And thanks for the shout out! (You're too nice!...I'm more cheap than crafty!)

  8. Wow, I'm impressed with the necklace especially! I love the boards too...the one with the bobbins is my favorite-very clever! Have a nice weekend!

  9. I really like the frames you made for your craft room wall. I've always thought it would be fun to craft with others. None of my friends make cards.

  10. Lori I am totally in love with that necklace - wish I knew how to do that. My husband doesn't have a drill press but I bet he'd like to. :) The boards are wonderful - I don't think I could come up with that many ideas! blessings, marlene

  11. Me, too. I wanna' make a necklace. I bought one for a friend but now I need one.