Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Old Depot

One of the places we visited while camping last weekend was the old Savanna Army Depot. It was decommissioned about ten years ago and has since become office space, warehousing, etc. so parts of it are now open to the public. There are many abandoned buildings and bunkers on the property. It's strange driving through it as it almost felt like we were treading on a burial ground. You can read more about the Depot here if you are interested.

About five miles back into the Depot, a portion of the land has been turned into a fish and wildlife refuge. Although the only wildlife we saw was a squirrel. At the Black Oak Dune overlook, a boy scout, as his eagle project built a great observation deck that sits on the sand dunes along the Mississippi River.

It's such a nice peaceful spot to sit and watch the river roll by.

Not especially happy when he saw I was taking his picture.

This picture has very little to do with anything, other than the name on the door. It was at the end of the bridge I don't like (see previous post) and it's JoJon's Pot business. It was funny to us as our sons' names are Joe & Jon and Joe just happened to be with us and told me to take the picture. Let me tell you, I got some strange looks from the car behind us as I was taking a picture of a porta-pot!

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