Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few pics from the weekend...

We had a wonderful long weekend just riding and relaxing with no real plan or agenda. I enjoyed it so as much of my "real" life is very scheduled. It was great to throw it to the wind and do whatever.

We camped at Mississippi Palisades State Park over by the river. We had a great site back in a corner with no immediate neighbors. Of course, that meant that the mosquitoes didn't have as many people to feast on. Let's just say they should have their stockpile of blood for the winter now. scratchy, scratchy! They even bit me through my tennis shoes! Nasty little blood suckers!

Most of our riding, however, was done across the river in Iowa which unfortunately meant we had to cross my least favorite bridge in the whole world.

As luck would have it, they're beginning construction so we got stopped on the it every time we crossed.

This bridge is made of steel grates (that they are replacing) which pulls the motorcycle every which way as you drive over it, plus it's very narrow, plus as we sat there STOPPED and cars from the other direction passed us, you could feel the darn thing flex. The only thing that would have enhanced the experience even more would have been to meet a semi. God is good!

The view from the bridge is beautiful but I much prefer...

the riverbank instead.


  1. Now Lori you know I'm not a big fan of motorcycles (just ask my sister cause I fuss at her all the time!) but I'm glad you had fun. The mosquitos have been horrible here too... blessings, marlene

  2. I think the mosquitoes are everywhere!
    Love your pictures....I don't like bridges either.

  3. Hey Lori, those are some great photos. Looks like a lovely time. Do you haul the motorcycles in the trailer?

  4. I am not fond of bridges, and I know I wouldn't like the one you were sitting on! To see through the grating would totally unnerve me! Yikes! I'm glad you had a fantastic weekend!

  5. That's the stinking bridge from Savanna, Illinois to Sabula, Iowa!!! I hate that bridge. I literally freaked out the first time I crossed it and freaked out further when I realized I'd have to drive across it again to get back into Illinois. YIKES.

    It used to be a toll bridge and wow, is it narrow.....with a metal grate roadbed as you have shown. I'm sorry, but if I'm crossing a bridge I don't want to see what under me. You were on a motorcycle. Brave, BRAVE.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. Hi Lori! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I've been cruising your blog and have enjoyed the bike trip pictures. You are SOOO much braver than I will EVER be. I haven't been on a bike as a driver EVER or as a passenger for at least 25 + years. The older I get, the more I prefer to have at least four wheels planted firmly on tera firma when I travel - especially over bridges!

    C'mon back for a visit any time. Your choice of East Tennessee is a wonderful one. We're just a few miles over the Tennessee/Kentucky border - about 1 1/2 hours out of Knoxville. We searched Tennessee too, but we were blessed to find this place - just what we've been looking for - so we moved just a little further north.

    Blessings from The Creek!