Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few more weekend pictures

Last Saturday we went for a hike (with Kristen's prodding and some puppy dog eyes - it was hot Saturday!) at Maquoketa Caves State Park near Maquoketa, Iowa.
We've made many trips out here over the years from the time the boys were young. It's a very "hike-able" park even for small children.

The largest cave is the Dancehall which has a sidewalk and light. You do have to stoop over to go through it but have the ability to stand at a few spots.

Bats and snakes you may ask? Not in a cave - uh uh, no way. Really? OK, I'm just not going to think about that!

Most of the other caves at the park you have to hands and knees or belly crawl through which is why I have personally never been in most of them as true spelunking is definitely not my thing. Can you say claustrophobic? Can you say slimy and wet? Nope, not me.

Stooping to dance with Dancehall cave

Please don't make me leave - it's so nice and cool in here!
and look at all of those steps! **sigh**

"Hey wait a minute while I put this rock back!"


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos with us! What a beautiful park!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Looks like fun if you're able to crawl and stoop and have fun doing it!