Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now I can show you...

Ava turned TWO today! And now that she has received her gifts, I can show you what I've been working on.

Disclaimer -- I don't know what is going on with Blogger but when I loaded these pictures they were landscape and somehow or another they turned. I tried it twice and have given up. I don't know why and don't really care anymore at this point. It's bed time, so humor me and turn you head will ya? Thanks, I knew you'd help me out.

I saw the pattern for this little jacket at a local quilt shop last spring and knew right away it was going to be her birthday present.

Then for an extra something, I appliqued her a long sleeve tee-shirt for Halloween (and to not leave Owen out of the celebration, a long sleeve black onesie for him).


  1. What a cute jacket! No wonder you bought it for her - I couldn't have resisted either. And the Halloween appliques are perfect - I know they'll be tickled with them. blessings, marlene

  2. Lori, thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe blog and for taking the time to comment.

    I'm so glad it led me to your blog. Your little Ava and Owen are going to be adorable in their new outfits. You are so talented.

    I'll be back to visit again soon.



  3. The jacket is just adorable and the Haloween appliques are cute too! Such fun!

  4. I love the HW appliqued shirt and onsey! I have a scrap bag I made---I really enjoy it! Love your fall decor---that arrangement on top of the secretary/armoire? is just gorgeous!
    We are in the KC,MO area---I haven't left the house today, but I hope the price of gas fell even more!
    Have a great weekend! Dana

  5. They're just beautiful-even if they are sideways!!

  6. I guess I missed commenting on this one. Your little jacket turned out wonderful, and the applique projects looks fantastic too!

    Do we get to see pictures of them in their new duds?

    Good job, grandma!