Monday, September 15, 2008

Hat Party

I was invited to a Hat Party last week. This wasn't just any ole hat party. Of course, I don't know what an ole hat party would be anyway as I've never been to one. This hat party was for my good friend, Judy, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and is due to start chemotherapy next week. Judy's friend, Jill, thought it would be fun to throw her a hat party so she could be prepared if/when her hair falls out. The reason to have to have this kind of party isn't good but a what a fun idea!

Twelve of us gathered at a beautiful old country estate for a dinner party and to present our hat gifts to Judy. The evening was not without a few tears but Judy is determined to find Joy in this Journey and this was a great start.

Judy showing some "hat-titude"

Judy & I modeling our hats.


  1. What a wonderful idea! She must have felt so blessed to have such thoughtful,loving friends.

    God is smiling down on you and sending blessings your way........and Judy's too!
    Take care this week.

  2. What a perfectly wonderful idea! I'm going to remember this one. blessings, marlene

  3. What a beautiful way to show your love to your friend! I am sure she will feel the love of her friends every time she wears one of her new hats.