Sunday, July 31, 2011

2nd Annual Hundred Year Flood

Do you all know what a Hundred Year flood is?Term wiki defines it as this…
A flood so large that experts believe it has a 1 percent, or one out of 100, chance of occurring in any given year.

That definition being presented, this small community of Pearl City, Illinois just experienced their second “hundred year flood”  exactly one year and one day after the last one. 

You can read about and see last years flood pictures here.

We’ll be helping the town “mud out” and “gut out” homes and businesses with approx. 20 other people from our church.  I can’t imagine the discouragement these poor folks must be feeling with flooding of this magnitude two years in a row. 

We took a drive last night to have a look and see what we were getting ourselves into.


They were expecting the water to recede enough this morning that most of the houses would be accessible to start pumping out and cleaning up.  Some were already good to start last night and clean-up had begun.

DH will be here helping more than I will due to schedule conflicts on my part.  This kind of outreach is most definitely where his passions lay.  Love that man for stepping up and helping out wherever and whenever needed!  Makes a wife proud!


IMG_7547Isn’t the sun setting beautifully over this lake?  Too bad it‘s not a lake and soybeans are underneath all of that water.  Sad smile

Praying for the people of Northwest Illinois and Eastern Iowa.


  1. So sad. You two are just wonderful, and God is so proud of you.

  2. Joining you in that prayer Lori. blessings, marlene

  3. Oh my word-that is so sad. God bless your efforts to help out those in need.