Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Three generations playing in this park

We so enjoy our three grandchildren.  While babysitting over the weekend, we took a drive into the local small town so they could play at the park.  This is the same park I played at as a child and the same park their Dad played at as a child.  The playground equipment has changed over the years but the small park remains pretty much the same.

The grands seem to especially enjoy the long wooden train.


We had a discussion about how the bigger around a tree is the older it is and why it has those big bumpy fingers (roots) that come way out into the grass.


They also played on the elementary school playground equipment which is right next to the park.  The school that I went to as a child.


Baby sister was pretty unconcerned with the sentimental history stuff and slept the entire time.  IMG_7441

By this time next year, she’ll be running and playing with the other two and really wearing Grandma out chasing three instead of two!


  1. You're such a good Grandma!!! The pics of your grands always make my day--they are always adorable :)


  2. Now I know why you are in such good shape! I need some of those!

  3. I love the concept that three generations played in this park - what wonderful memories! blessings, marlene