Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Room re-do

Like I mentioned in the last post, the time for a large project just hasn’t been there these last weeks but I have managed to eek out a few minutes here and there to work on a couple of quickies.

We have a houseguest coming to stay with us for awhile, so we have all but emptied out one of our upstairs guest bedrooms to accommodate her things.  The challenge is going to be her name is Kristin and we have a daughter-in-law Kristen.  I can only guess the confusion this might cause from time to time.

Anyway, as I was emptying the room, I needed to find a place for some of the things from her room. 

Our family room is upstairs right outside of Kristen’s bedroom so it was a natural place for some of the items to end up. A little re-arranging later and our often neglected family room is looking pretty good.


I moved the old radio to the top of the stairs, and added a shutter to it.  Love that look a whole bunch.


The tall white cabinet on the far wall is what was at the top of the stairs.  I like it so much better over on this wall.  I also used an old feed sack and made a new curtain tier for the window.  I changed out the quilt hanging behind the couch to a bit darker one and like it so much better.  You know how it goes.  You change one thing and then there’s that domino effect.  Yup, that’s where I was.


DH brought this old stove home one day and surprised me with it.  It’s in such wonderful condition and looks great right where it is, plus it’ was too heavy for me to move.


I made new pillow covers.  I’ve been looking at this chicken fabric at a local chain fabric store for over a year and finally had a place I could use it.  Birds creep me out but I love this fabric – go figure!


Our family room room has two dormers, each about 4’ wide and are so incredibly hard to decorate.  I’ve got a start on this one but the other one hasn’t gone anywhere yet.  Any suggestions?  I’ve already went the small table route and really don’t want to do that again.

All in all, I like the family room better than I ever have since we built the house 12 years ago.  Maybe that chicken fabric is what was needed all along.  What do you think?

Now that I have some of these smaller projects out of the way, I’ve got to get started on a bit bigger one.  I still owe my nephew a wedding gift from April.  At the rate things are going, it might get mailed with their Christmas card!


  1. Looks great! My daughter has a long shutter in her apt and she has postcards from around the world stuck in some of the slots. The art gene skipped me but my mom and my daughters have it : )

  2. Wow! First of all, I didn't know you had such beautiful rooms upstairs! Love it!

    Second, that stove looks like one that my step dad heated our entire house with from 1973 on, until they sold their house. (Not saying I agree with his madness, since the stove was in the basement, with foil coated insulation on the basement ceiling/main floor ceiling joists, and it was so hot it glowed RED.) His stove heated the basement, main floor and some of the upstairs, with all the doors open to all floors. (The house had electric heat, and they never used it.)Wonder if he ever thought of removing the insulation on the ceiling--DUH! Not too bright, but we won't go any further. Just glad the house didn't catch fire. Needless to say, if you sat too long, you fell asleep from the HEAT!

    I can't wait to see more. Love your decorating style!

  3. It all looks fantastic! I'd love for you to decorate here but don't even know if I have anything to offer for you to use. Great pillows!

  4. Great Redo!!! As always, if you're entire room goes missing....Do Not Look at my house ;)

  5. Lori it looks great! I love the stove...and the pillows. Why don't you like birds? blessings, marlene

  6. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your family room! We have been working on our house getting it ready to put on the market so I have been getting rid of and cleaning out!!! I need you to come over here and decorate mine!