Saturday, July 23, 2011

A bit of randomness…

Lately my brain seems to be on random fire so I thought why not share some of this randomness with you so you can know what its like to live inside my head on a daily basis.

On the way to our local “big city” yesterday morning we saw these clouds. 


Pretty and strange all at the same time.  Do you see the wavy layers in them?  Does anyone know what type of cloud that is?  I’d love to know.
By the time we arrived at our appointment in “big city” they were dumping much, much rain and where was my umbrella?  In the trunk of the car.  Not real helpful there.  Note to self: keep the umbrella in the back seat, not in the trunk.

Tonight I took a walk about.  I waited until it was almost dark as it’s been so hot and sticky here like much of the rest of the country. and that my friends is an understatement.  If I didn’t work in air conditioning all day maybe I would be more conditioned for it, but I’m not.  Nuff said. 

Anyway, for years I’ve wanted to plant pumpkins and finally this year, we did!  I was so excited when I finally got approval from the Pumpkin-nator who just so happens to live with me. 

Never mind that they are in the furthermost corner of the yard away from the house, so they’re really on their own when it comes to watering, etc.  but they seem to be fairing pretty well. IMG_7498

We planted the “Big boys”, the ones that get gigantic.  I hadn’t look at them for a couple of weeks and they’ve grown a bunch since I saw them last.  They are full of blooms.  I picked a few of the blooms so the other ones produce better pumpkins.  My goal is for each of the grandkids to have a giganto pumpkin for themselves. We’ll see how it goes as all I have yet is blooms.

And for my last random thought…have you ever had a shirt that you got a stain on this first time you wore it?  I do!  The first time I wore this I splattered bacon grease on the front.  Grrr!  Someday I will get that apron made.  Anyhoo, I saw a post on Pinterest about bleaching a design on an old cotton t-shirt.  My shirt wasn’t old but I wasn’t going to wear it anymore with the grease spots so what was I out?


Take a Clorox bleach pen and draw a design on the shirt, let is set for 15 – 20 minutes, rinse, launder as usual and wallah, you have a new shirt, kind of.  I don’t think it’s too bad for a first time try.  I can see where the outline is and where I painted it in but now I know what to do differently should I need to do this again.  At least you can’t see the grease spots anymore and that my friends, makes me very happy!


  1. The shirt is so cute!! Love the design you added with the bleach pen.

    You did check what blossoms you picked so that you saved some of each "variety". :) That will be so fun for the grands.

  2. Now that's a cool shirt. I could keep clorox in business a long time with all my stained shirts.
    We too planted pumpkins. vines are beautiful. But not a pumpkin in sight!

  3. What a neat idea! You came up with a great design.

    I buy a degreaser from Home Depot - you can use it on clothes.

  4. Good luck on the 'grand-pumpkins'. You are quite a good artist. The shirt is much cuter with a design on it. I know nothing about clouds, except we could use a bunch with rain packed in em'. I'm on the verge of giving up on my yard this year. There isn't enough water in the hose to help!

  5. I love your shirt Lori - and I'm going to copy this idea! I have more than one that I've gotten grease on and not been able to get it out...I seem to be a klutz in the kitchen. It's okay because it's a good excuse not to cook. :) blessings, marlene

  6. I saw your "pin" about the shirts and thought it was a great idea and yours confirms it! So cute!

  7. You really sound like most of us homestead type folks. Just living and enjoying life and continuing to learn things that interest us.

  8. Love the shirt---I have my bleach pen on the counter just waiting for me to get the courage to "mess up" shirt ;)

  9. The shirt is cute...very clever!

  10. the shirt is cute. I have LOTS of shirts with grease stains...I still manage to wear them tho.

    Haven't figured out pinterest yet.