Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday night ride

Do you ever have a weekend that doesn’t go as planned?  That was this weekend for us.  We were supposed to be gone for a couple of days riding motorcycles up into Wisconsin.  The weather had other ideas.  We finally got some  much needed rain so I was really ok with the plans being altered because of it yesterday.  Then we were going to take a day ride instead today so it was all good.  However, we woke to thunder this morning.  We finally went out for a couple of hours at 6pm this evening.

Just a couple of quick pics from our ride tonight.


I’ve always loved this old barn.  They’ve kept it up very well.


As a teenager did you paint anything, like this viaduct?  This is true redneck graffiti, not gang graffiti as it’s on a back road that only the locals know about.  I have to confess, I did just once, the night before my high school graduation with two girlfriends.  It was along a state highway so every time a car came we would drop into the weeds.  Little did my girlfriend know but where she was dropping was a patch of poison ivy!  Doesn’t everyone want itchy welts for their high school graduation ceremony?


The crop dusters were working tonight.  They just fascinate me, the way they dip and dive.  It’s one time they can barnstorm and get paid well for doing it.  Smile In the picture below I swore he was going to crash coming straight down like that.


Have a good week everyone!


  1. That is the BIGGEST barn I have ever seen. And possibly the most beautiful too!

  2. That barn is beautiful and I've not seen it before. Very nice!!

    I wondered if you'd get any type of ride this weekend. Glad you did!

  3. Sometimes those short evening rides are the best! And look - you found fun things to photograph and share close to home!!

  4. I laughed so hard at the whole poison ivy thing!!! I can just picture it ;)

    Beautiful barn---and that crop duster has been buzzing our house all morning!

  5. The viaduct near Dakota on hwy 75 is a work of art. It changes regularly to be a tribute to a lost classmate, a sports victory, etc. There is never anything offensive and it truly is fun to see.

  6. There's a bridge in my hubs hometown, near the highschool, that is regularly painted. Its been fun to see it thru the years. Glad you got your rain but it wreaked havoc with air travel yesterday-we spent 7 hours in the Knoxville airport trying to get out. Ugh. Finally home about 11 pm.

  7. Loved hearing of your little adventure!!! So funny. Love that barn picture. Hope you have a great weekend.