Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a new “do”

I haven’t had much time lately for a big project but have managed to squeeze in a few little ones.  This is one project I completed (there is something to be said for completing something) and I’ll post about another one in the next day or so.

My ironing board cover had seen better days.  I’ve washed it to the point the stains weren’t coming out and it was getting pretty thin.  I have an extra wide board so you can’t just find covers anywhere and if you do the print just didn’t do it for me.  It didn’t make me all happy inside.  I absolutely do NOT like to iron.  However, I don’t like wrinkles either so I do iron and need all the help I can get to feel a little happiness in the process.

Here’s the before..boring!


I made my own pattern.  It wasn’t too tough. 


The challenge was finding something wide enough and long enough without having to tape a bunch of paper together.  I asked DH for a suggestion and out he came with a roll of Tyvec left over from building the house.  It worked wonderfully.  I highly suggest it.


And here is the after.  Ironing is a much happier place for me now. It doesn’t take much for me.  I really am an easy keeper.


btw – not my toys.  I share my sewing room with the grands, a sacrifice I am more than willing to make. Smile

So, what are your feelings on ironing?  I have a friend who loves to iron.  How about you?  Love it, tolerate it or hate it?


  1. I do not like it. I purposely buy clothes that do not require ironing. My hubby irons his own shirts (and slacks if we're going out somewhere that requires attire other than jeans). Thank you USAF! Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  2. How cute! I should come over & try it out. :) After I covered my ironing table, I was so pleased with myself. It really is easy!!

    I like ironing fabric for sewing/quilting projects. I will iron clothes when needed but don't get the same great feeling about that. Of course, rushing that job at the last minute may play into that.

  3. I like to iron once I get into it. I havae to iron all my hubby's shirts for work. I like my clothes hung up from the dryer neatly, so they do not wrinkle, but I love a crisp white shirt pressed out. Blessings and enjoy that new cover-new ironing board.

  4. I covered both mine and my bff ironing board. I used upholstery fabric. We both love them now. And yes I iron, I still do handkerchiefs and pillow cases. Thank god I out grew ironing my Dad's tidy whites years ago!

  5. I loathe ironing....but maybe I'd change my mind if my ironing board was cute like yours (and actually stayed up without me shoving a few junk mail envelopes in strategic joints)

  6. I'm one of the strange ones who loves ironing...but only on a good board with a really good iron. :) blessings, marlene

  7. For years I didn't mind ironing my husband's work shirts, but the task lost it's luster and now Hubby either buys iron-free shirts or irons his own. Just don't like doing it anymore and I suppose part of the reason is that I now have a tiny laundry room and it's just not convenient in there to get the ironing board out and set it up.


  8. Other than ironing/pressing when I sew, I'd rather be beaten than have to iron a shirt! Youngest son likes his jeans starched and I always wait until the last minute to do them...or he just does them himself so I won't gripe!

  9. Iron? You mean other than quilt tops? Oh heck no! Of course, I don't do any fancy dressing. All my clothes are casual, so no ironing for me, but when I wash shirts and blouses, I throw them in the dryer for about 5 minutes, then take them out, put them on a hanger and let them air dry. Good enough for me!

    Love your new ironing board cover. Good job!