Monday, August 1, 2011

Shower for Erik David

I helped a friend with a baby shower for her grandson on Saturday.  A “book shower” theme was used.  Her son and family live in ??? town in the United Arab Emirates where her daughter-in-law is teaching school so gifts had to be very transportable.  Her son is in the U.S. National Guard and flies back to the states often.  With a book shower he can take a few items with him on each flight back home. 

The shower was held on her deck.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day.  A bit toasty but no rain so who could ask for more than that?


We got the idea for the tulle streamers from blog land.  Nothing too fancy but they sure added a nice touch.  Oh, the ideas one can find with a little googling and blogging!



She had brunch of egg casserole, muffins, scones and don’t those fruit skewers looks wonderful? 


All in all, a very nice morning!  Welcome to the world Erik David and Congratulations to Grampa Neal & Gramma Lisa!

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