Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding motors

Our son Joe and his fiancé Kristen were married this past Saturday, June 4th in a very nice, casual ceremony held at a friend of their home.  Their wedding was rather unique as it included a car show.  A car show?  Yes, a car show.  Joe & Kristen spend much of their summer attending various car shows and thought it only appropriate to ask their guests that have a classic car to bring it to their wedding.


They were married by their friend, Ernie on the patio of the home.  Joe’s friend Steve was best man and Kristen’s sister was maid of honor.


A couple of weeks ago, Joe called DH and asked him to say the prayer for the ceremony.  DH was honored to be asked.  He thought long and prayed hard about what to say. 


In keeping with the car theme, here is what he said….

It’s pretty cool to look out and see all these cars here today.

Getting married is like buying a car.

You go from place to place checking out the different models, maybe take a test drive or two and then settle on that perfect vehicle.

The proposal is made and accepted. Papers are signed and the title is issued. In this case…Mr & Mrs Miller.

You drive away “Just Married”! What a great day!

Down the road the miles start to wrack up. The 3 year/36000 mile warranty expires and that new car smell is replaced by those small children odors. The initial excitement of the marriage may have worn off.

Joe & Kristen, I want you to look at your marriage as a classic car. Care for it properly and it will become a “Survivor” vehicle worthy of any show.

I know of someone who deals exclusively in classic marriages. When you get your marriage through Him, He doesn’t require any money down, you don’t have to make monthly payments and He always issues a clear title. Best of all, His warranty period never expires.

All He asks from you is to keep your marriage clean. Read the owners manual! (hold up the Bible). And bring it back only to Him for service. He has service outlets everywhere and of course, they’re open Sundays!

You can go there and get your tank filled and your battery re-charged and it’s free! Even if you have a major wreck, he can do a perfect restoration and get you back on the road like nothing ever happened if you just bring it to Him.

Let’s pray.

Lord Jesus,

These are the special times in our lives. We’re turning to you to ask for guidance and favor on Joe & Kristen’s marriage. You have given us this beautiful institution of marriage intended to give us a lifetime of friendship and satisfaction. All you ask from us is obedience to Your truth. Lord, please bless this union of Joe & Kristen. Amen.

I was so proud of him saying what was on his heart.

The cupcakes I had been trying our for the last couple of months turned out well.  We had Espresso, Banana Pecan, Lemon Curd, Key Lime and Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes.


Their friend Chuck, even offered hayrides for people to enjoy.


and no wedding is complete without a family picture.  It’s tough to get a good picture with our guys as someone is usually messing around.


After a few trys we were able to get a good one.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a few more pictures of the beautiful grounds around the home.


  1. Oh Lori! The wedding looked wonderful. Dan's prayer was awesome. It couldn't have been better. The family pictures are wonderful...and look at those two baby girls. You are truly blessed...but you knew that!

  2. So Dan's prayer got me all choked up (keeping with the car theme...but seriously, that was so cool!!!)

    Your cupcakes look delish :)

    Love your fam pic Little Miss A. Is so cut snuggling little sis!

    Shelly :)

  3. Cute--not cut--dumb old blackberry (and dumb blogger for not recognizing me on the dumb BB!)

  4. It looks like a wonderful day! Your cupcakes are yummy looking and your husbands words were so touching.

  5. Congrats on your recent family addition Lori. I'm so happy for you. Dan's words were beautiful and thoughtful. AND TRUE! What a charge from one's dad. Sure shows a heart for the Lord, but you guys are all about that. Happy, Happy!

  6. 'atta boy, Dan! How wonderful!

    Love seeing the photos and also knowing you've survived and have come up for air. Miss you!

  7. This looks like it was a fun and special day. I love the wise words from dad...true whether you're a car buff or not : ) Congrats to all!

  8. What a fabulous wedding! Love the casualness of it...loved the prayer..loved the cupcakes...wait..guess my invitation got lost!

    The family picture is great.

  9. What wonderful comments your husband made - I know that your children won't ever forget that advice from Dad. Precious memories! blessings, marlene