Monday, June 27, 2011

E-Reader opinions wanted

I've been looking at Kindles and Nooks for the past few months now.  Do any of you have either?  What is your opinion of what you have?  What has worked well and what hasn't? 

I've been leaning towards the Kindle Wi-Fi.  I'm not sure that I need the 3G version.  I have Wi-Fi at home and at work.  Do you have the 3G and if you do what are some benefits of the 3G? 

Would the Wi-Fi capabilities suffice to travel with and be able to use it as an internet connection for other things as well?  such as weather?  facebook?  checking email?  Also, can I respond to email on it then?  It would be nice to take just one device and not drag the laptop along when we go.

If you have a Kindle, did you get the less expensive version with the ad sponsored screen saver?  How much of a pain is it?

So many questions....let me know what you think.

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. I've had a Kindle for a couple of years Lori, and I love it. Wouldn't travel without it! I only have WiFi and don't want the 3G because that's a monthly charge I don't need. I have downloaded books traveling in the truck down a highway in Colorado so it works in pretty remote areas. When I bought mine the ad sponsored screen wasn't available and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I have noticed some pretty good deals on some of the ads they get - some I would have taken advantage of if they were available to me. There's a blog that posts every day the new free books - I have it on my reader and check it every day because when a book is free it might only be free for a day. Many are books I won't read but there are some really good ones scattered in there. You can choose to download them or not but usually I just download everything, read a page or two, then delete them if I don't want to keep them. If you can check weather, etc. I don't know it and I'm pretty sure you can't. They do have some features that you might want to read about on the website - sending documents, etc. I don't do anything but read on mine. I have a game or two on there because they were free but I've never played them. blessings, marlene

  2. Forgot to say that if you want to be able to access the internet a netbook? (mini computer) might be your best bet. You can put the Kindle app and the Nook app both on those! blessings, marlene

  3. The sole decisioning factor for me was being able to get e-pub library books. That meant that I ended up with a Nook. I didn't get the 3G as I figured I'd always either have sufficient books already loaded to read or would have easy access to wifi.

  4. I have the Nook 3G/WIFI. I LOVE IT. We don't get much of a 3g connection around my town, but in the bigger cities, I do. I really only use the WIFI when I buy or download a free book, otherwise, I don't use it. I love the Barnes and Noble site. You can go in there and search for book with the price lowest to highest, and find lots of free books.

    I only tried to use the internet once, and that is when I was in Dubuque waiting for my sister to get a tooth pulled. The screen is so small you have to do a lot scrolling back and forth. A netbook or laptop would be better.

    As for reading, I never read much, at least since I discovered internet access at work, but I'm off the computer most times now that I have my Blackberry. I can get my email on my phone, respond to emails, and text. I check blogs from home now. I spend my breaks reading , and I love it. I realized that being on the computer, checking FB, etc was too stressful during my workday. Reading relaxes me. I LOVE MY NOOK.

    If I knew what I was doing, I could get free books to read from my library, but I don't, and I have been satisfied so far with the free ones (which usually lead me to buy 2 or 3 more in that series), but I am very happy with my Nook.

    Whatever you get, I know you will love. I do have the 3G and there are no fees to use a just have to be able to get one...and since I got my Nook, the new Color one has been very popular, but with just text reading for me, unless I replace my Nook some time in the future, I am happy with what I have.

    Hope that helped.

  5. I forgot to add that I have my Nook with me, just like I have my all times. How wonderful it is to read while waiting for Louie in a sporting goods store, etc, and ESPECIALLY in the drs office. I am never bored waiting anymore. In fact, just when I get comfortable and into the story, I get interrupted!

  6. I have a Pandigital read and I love it. The one thing that I would suggest is get a color version. I don't have 3G, I guess I don't even understand what that is, but I am able to get on the internet with my reader as long as they're a WiFi nearby. Here in the house we have a wireless network so I can get on and download anytime

    I can surf the net and get e-mail on my reader which is why it's important to have color.

    Just my two cents.