Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A reminder of God’s promise

Rainbows excite me.  As a kid it was such a treat to see them and as an adult it still is.  We were eating supper, when my friend Joyce, texted me and said she thought the rainbow ended at our house.  She lives 15 miles away from us.  I was oblivious and hadn’t even looked outside.  So, I grabbed the camera and ran.  It wasn’t very bright but it was still beautiful!



This is looking across our backyard and field to the farm I grew up on until 7 years old.  Still love this view.  I wish my parents were alive. They would appreciate that we could see it from where we live now.

Thanks for the text Joyce!


  1. Beautiful rainbow!!! We saw some gorgeous clouds today! I took a picture of them. It just made me smile. This rainbow does too!

  2. that is neat. I spent the evening in the basement with my wind up radio/flashlight trying to swat mosquitos in the dark. But all is well and we ha d no damage that I could see in the dark.

  3. Beautiful picture! Its amazing how different the landscape is across the US, isn't it?

  4. What beautiful pictures Lori, and how blessed you are to be living so close to where you grew up. blessings, marlene

  5. Seriously, I was sure the end was at your house, not past it! :)

    I love them and can't believe *I* didn't grab the camera and take some photos. Are they becoming too commonplace to me? Or was I just too whipped? I'll chose the latter....

  6. The rainbow is beautiful, but the pictures are even prettier because of the green open fields. Making me homesick! :) I grew up in central IL, btw.