Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lori, Lori, quite contrary how does your garden grow?

I’m so glad you asked! 

I took a walk through the yard last night and snapped a few pictures – between swatting skeeters and gnats, that is.  My, oh my are they ever bad this summer!  I’m not sure why Noah didn’t shut the door a little sooner to that ark.

Anyway, here is a little of what I have growing.

I love this wire planter.  It was a gift to us ten years ago when my Dad passed away from DH’s family filled with an artificial plant which I loved but then I got the idea to set it outside with real plants in it and I love it even more now!  It’s resided in the corner of our front porch for the last few years now.


Can you tell I have a thing for red geraniums & wire planters?  The red looks so nice and bright against our yellow and white house.


This hanging basket looks the best out of most of my plants and where did I get it?  Wal-Mart for $10!  Go figure!


The spirea are just starting to bloom.


I found the King Tut grass above last year and absolutely love it with it’s big spidery heads.  I have to buy it yearly as it’s not hardy enough to winter over here.  It hasn’t taken off much yet but should get 4 – 5 feet tall before the end of the season.  A friend of mine gave me the birdhouse our first year in our new house.  12 years later is still stands guard in the corner.  Thanks Leeza!


More reds! Smile  I like using old things like this metal trough to plant my flowers in when I can.


The flower bed above was just that – a flower bed until this summer.  We tore everything out and planted a small vegetable garden.  It looks just as pretty to me.  We’ve already picked lettuce and everything else is coming along nicely.  We ordered some funky Dragons Tongue green beans seeds (which I can’t wait to be ready) from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, as well as a lettuce mix, carrots and cut flowers.  We also planted a couple of different kinds of tomatoes and peppers.  We used an old bed frame for the tomato supports and old garden gate for the peas to climb.  It would all look even better if the AC unit didn’t sit in the middle of it all, but I’d rather be cool so no complaining here.




The ditch lilies are getting ready to bloom as well.  I can’t wait to see the orange burst out.


We also planted a few herbs at the corner of another bed.  The parsley and cilantro went crazy but the basil hasn’t done much.  Not sure why.  I need to replant more cilantro.  We’ve used more of it than I thought we might.

And this little bugger has been taken within inches of its life a number of times already but we water it more and it’s off and running again.  I think the shot of Miracle Gro last week is what really did the trick. 


I love Miracle Gro!  It makes plants thrive and me look like I really know what I’m doing.  I love digging in the dirt, planting and weeding but a green thumb I really don’t have.  At least outside plants stand half a chance when it rains which we’ve had a lot of so far this year so I look like I know something. Smile

How’s your garden growing?


  1. So pretty! You have a green thumb : ) Also, I'm definitely going to try the green bean recipe in your previous post...that sounds really yummy!

  2. Better check that thumb again, girl. It's greener than ya think!
    :D I loved your veggie garden and the props. Isn't homegrown lettuce way better than storebought.

  3. Your flowers are always fantastic. Nice job!!

    I hardly have anything growing and it doesn't look anywhere near as nice as your house. :\

  4. No garden, this year. Sigh. My oldest daughter got married the first weekend in June and I was so busy in late spring that I told my husband, "No flowers; no garden." I just didn't want to have one more thing to do. I did tell him I reserved the right to change my mind after the wedding. :) I miss the color going up my front steps, but I am enjoying not having to worry about the maintenance. We'll get back to it next year, I'm sure. We'll just call this our year of rest!

    Lovely garden and flowers, BTW!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. Love how you converted one bed to grow veggies. My garden? Is not growing at all this year. The pup took a liking to chewing and pulling anything in the raised bed. I decided not to battle that this year. *sigh* Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  6. Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!! Love all of your containers---can't wait to see how your veg. garden does :)

  7. Everything looks nice, and my garden....don't have one. I'm allergic to working in gardens. I overdosed on the garden that took up our whole back yard when I was a kid, (40 rows just of potatoes!)and now I have nightmares when I think of gardening. I'll just enjoy yours. It looks so pretty!

  8. Lori, Lori, it seems your garden grows very well. Everything looks great! I love the all the reds and spirea is one of my most favorite shrubs. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  9. I LOVE your little garden and all of your flowers. I love getting outside and piddling too! I have a small raised bed garden but it is not doing too well this year because I haven't been outside too much lately. You are doing a great job. Loved seeing what all you are growing.

  10. Lovely garden and flowers Lori! I like the idea of the old garden gate!