Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy Lazy Sunday

We woke to a thunderstorm this morning.  What a wonderful sound it was as opposed to the howling winter winds and subzero temperatures.

It just might be a lazy kind of day today.  Tippy’s has a head start on the laziness factor.


For those of you who haven’t made a guess as to how long this pile of snow is going to be around,IMG_6101

please do so by tomorrow night, March 21st 6pm CST.  I’ll be cutting off guesses at that time.  See the initial post on this contest here.

With skies that look like this …..


(Disregard the piece of cardboard laying in the yard. Sad smile)
There’s no telling how long the pile will last. 

I’ll be taking an updated “pile picture” early this week so you can see the progress.  Yup, things are that slow here in the Midwest that we’re watching snow melt. [sigh]

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  1. Awesome!!! It's raining here as well, and about 12:45pm, we had hail!
    Being lazy, and reading 'Heaven Is For Real' by Todd Burpo...