Monday, March 21, 2011

Snow pile update

For those of you playing along…the pile is getting smaller but not very quickly.



  1. He is thinking about his loader.

    And the other side of campus.

    And relocating your snow pile.

    On Thursday.


    (I'm reading in reverse order, can you tell???)

  2. Those snow piles sure look familiar. In our town they are in every parking lot. I live in Arizona, sounds kinda funny huh? Well AZ does have mountains! I know everyone thinks of AZ as desert but we live in the White Mountains. I actual was born and raised in Oklahoma so I know what a flatlander really is! I am so blessed to be able to live my dream of the mountains! I love your blog and had to go for a snack after seeing the dessert auction. Many blessings to your son and future DIL! Believe it or not I am a minister & wedding officiant and have done a wedding at a car show!! husband and I are car show enthusiast and have our own cars that we trailer to shows. LOL, thanks for sharing, I really enjoy my time at your blog. Blessings, Marla