Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dessert Auction

Friday night we attended a fundraiser for Deer Ridge MinistriesDeer Ridge is the work project we participated in during December & January. You can check out the project on my previous blog posts.

 Deer Ridge provides week-long retreats for pastors and their spouses free of charge. 

As part of their fundraising, they host an annual prime rib dinner and dessert auction. 


Patrons purchase dinner tickets, desserts are donated and then auctioned off prior to dinner.  It’s a good thing it’s prior to dinner because after a person stuffs themselves with all the delicious prime rib and accompaniments they wouldn’t pay near as much for the desserts.  Do it while everyone is hungry!  Now, that’s a good plan!

Most tables pooled their money together so they could pay a higher price.  There were 24 desserts and 21 tables so some tables ended up with more than one dessert.  Nothing went for under $75. 

My friend, Jodee
and I created and donated four desserts.  This was our first year baking for the event and we’ve now decided four desserts might have been a pretty big first bite (no pun intended).  We’re already thinking only two for next year. Winking smile

We made….
Molten Chocolate cupcakes which netted the ministry $170.

Our Toffee Cheesecake brought in $300.

Red Velvet Cake which we covered with black fondant letters and displayed on a typewriter to go with the evenings theme of “What’s black, white & red(read) all over? – Deer Ridge News!”
This cake brought in $300 as well.

But the top price we got for what we brought which was also the top price for a dessert that evening was the Cream Puff Cake we made.
This little beauty brought in $850!  Utter Craziness!

All in all, from what we made the ministry gained $1620!  And there were still 20 other desserts to be auctioned off.

Our table of nine people pooled our resources and purchased this rich brownie pizza cheesecake with red raspberries and plums on top for $260.

and also ended up with this

bowl of homemade hand dipped chocolate covered cherries & organic coffee for $75.  DH was running up another table and got “hung”.  Is getting “hung” with chocolate covered cherries a bad thing? 

The fun thing was after dinner and the auction was over, the tables all traded around what they bought so if there was something you really wanted a taste of, most people were willing to share. 


to be continued tomorrow with pictures of the some of the other desserts……


  1. OMG, I am drooling! What wonderful pictures and a great fund raiser! Congratulations on your donations.

  2. What a fantastic fundraiser! It looks like 4 desserts was no problem at all for you two. They are beautifully decorated and look professionally made.

  3. WOW! Those desserts look so good. They sure brought a pretty price. Cream puff cake? Never heard of that one. It looks scrumptious. Thanks for sharing. Blessings. SusanD

  4. I think I just gained 5 lbs just looking at the pics. They all look wonderful.

  5. I am so impressed!!! So do we get recipes???? The desserts you made are beautiful!

  6. If you can make desserts like that you need to go into business! Honestly they all looked magical...and really, really sinful. I love, love, love cheesecake but I'd have enjoyed a piece of all the others too. :) blessings, marlene