Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Pile update

The pile is getting smaller day by day.  The 40 degree highs we’ve had the last few days and forecasted for this week aren’t helping it any.


The bright side is no new snow has been added to it!

So Jeanne (March 24) and Mr. Phil (March 25 – he even threatened to come move it so I would think it was gone and he would win. AGHAST I am! Winking smile  Cheaters never prosper, don’t ya know!) are out of the running. 

And Steph (March 29) unless we get a heat wave overnight, I think you’re out of the game too.  Sorry guys. 

We still have a lot of dates in April to go yet. 

I know you’re riveted to your computers so stay tuned for further updates! Smile


  1. Oh my, you should hear Mr. Excuses now!! LOL!! And he is SURE there is some conspiracy going on. ha!

    I did notice the big pile at the grocery is gone so wondered how "your" pile was going. :)

  2. I am glued to my screen, mainly because I forgot my datae. But don't tell me, let me be surprised!

  3. I forget my date too but I knew better than to guess March : )

  4. Ha! It is a lot smaller! Thanks for the update. Blessings, SusanD

  5. How's it lookin' today? I still have till midnight! Somebody get the hair dryer out!