Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Remember a few weeks back when DH stepped in a grass covered hole into the unknown?

MRI results showed an ACL tear which the doctor said they don’t fix “at his age”.  Now, isn’t that a way to make a patient feel better?  He’s not 80 for goodness sake!  

He also had two tears in his meniscus which were then taken care of this past Friday morning.  He came through surgery well, put in an incredibly rough night Friday night, hobbled around on crutches and did a lot of this over the weekend

(and no, those aren’t my hairy,white legs.  They belong to DH.  He did the ol’ icepack treatment most of the weekend)

and was back on the motorcycle tonight!  Like they say, you just can’t keep a ornery good man down!

He’s doing much better much quicker than I or he ever expected. 


  1. Back on the bike???????? Wow! That is speedy for recovery. :)

  2. Wishing DH all the best in his healing.

    Does this mean that you have been playing nurse this week?


  3. Super! Glad to here he's healing quickly :)

  4. You are right...can't keep a good man down. Glad he is healing quickly.

  5. It's fantastic that he's recovering so well and back to riding his bike! I'm sure you were a fantastic nurse.

  6. Good for DH Glad he is feeling well enough to be back on the bike. Regarding the "at his age" comment. My all time favorite was when we were considering options for fixing a non healing elbow fracture. "at your age, you will be able to do everything you did before the surgery to remove your radial head" I smacked the counter, told the doc I was 25 and was he sure??

    Turns our he was wrong and I now have a radial head of titanium, but that isn't part of the story.