Friday, August 20, 2010

Where the Magic happens…

Someone walked into my office the other day and commented about it being where the magic happens (hence the title).  I’m not so sure about magic but it is where I seem to spend alot of time.   Especially this time of year as we started classes on Monday which seems a week too early to me but hey, they don’t ask me when they set the college calendar.   IMG_4177

Why do I have some of the things in my office that I do you ask?  You did ask didn’t you?  Either you did or I’m hearing voices again. :(  Dang those voices anyway!

Why do I have a sweater on the back of my chair, a fan on my desk and a heater under my desk?  There go those voices asking questions again.   The heater is almost always on in the winter as my office gets really cold in the winter time.  There is an outside door not far away and I get a nasty draft every time it’s opened and closed.  In the summer, it ranges from hot and sticky to freezing cold so sometimes the heater is on in the summer as well.  Usually right after I turn the fan off.  Our building seems to have trouble keeping the heating and cooling regulated.  Then throw in a personal hot flash or two and I’m temperature challenged to say the least.

I also have my very own personal refrigerator.  We have a community refrigerator in our building lounge but I’ve had food come up missing more than once.  If it’s not tied down it’s gone.  So I bought my own frig and put it under my desk, darn it!  but, keep that on the QT as we’re not really supposed to do that.

I also believe in personalizing my space, hence the family pictures and the flame panel and motorcycle tank(both gifts from auto body son).

See that basket at the forefront of the picture.  Take a good look at it as it’s as empty as it’s been  in the last few weeks.  I’m convinced when I come in Monday though that the papers will have had paper sex over the weekend and multiplied.

The picture below is one of the best parts of my job.  See that other desk?  That belongs to my very own student worker who I get to boss around have assist me. She’s only with me 10-15 hours a week but that's a lot of hours of grunt meaningful work I can throw place gently in her capable hands.  In all honesty, over the past twelve years I’ve been blessed with some very nice young ladies who we’re able to coerce into are willing to do just about anything we ask them to do from basic office tasks to cleaning the kitchen or even painting.  IMG_4178

I’ve really have it pretty good here.  I work in a relaxed atmosphere with great people, get Fridays off in the summer, have a wonderful boss, am afforded a great deal of schedule flexibility and can manage my office and the division how I see fit for the most part. 

Then tell me this…why am I feeling so restless and like I need a change?  Is it just too long in the same spot?  Is there not enough challenge anymore?   Am I frustrated with life in general? is it a mid-life crisis?  or is it God putting a stirring in my heart to shift things in a different direction?  I’ve been sorting through this for some time now and I still don’t get it.  When and if I ever figure it all out…y’all will be some of the first to know.  :)


  1. Oh boy, do I ever get what you're saying! Perhaps it's our age? Perhaps it's arriving at this point in our lives and saying..."this is it?" Perhaps it's wondering what, if anything, we'll leave as a legacy when we go.

  2. Oooo, I love your office! Especially the motorcycle tank. It looks like you are ready for anything..right down to a fan for your own 'personal summers'. Do you have a rice wrap in the frig for around your neck when that happens?

    I'm sorry you are restless. Uncertainty is one of my most unpleasant places to be.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I have no answer for your pondering but do love a visit to your office. Always nice to find a friend at the end of the sidewalk.

    I'm thankful for your special touches here (you do have cute gkids) and the perks of your hidden frig :) and hope the rest gets smoothed out in His time.

  4. Oooh! A Holy discontent?!? Sounds exciting...and familiar ;)

  5. Ahhh....that restless feeling. Sometimes it goes away pretty quickly. I hope you figure out what it means.

  6. If God is going to move you then you won't be wondering - He will give you a kick in the pants if He doesn't think you're listening or if you're not responding appropriately. As me how I know. :) But you could just be restless - your age is a prime candidate for that edgy feeling. You feel like you're between journeys - children raised, but still young enough not to be resting on your laurels. Be assured, your mission will become apparent at the time is ready to send you on your way. blessings, marlene