Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazing chicken and knee update

First the chicken part …

We had the most amazing chicken for supper tonight. 
It’s called jalapeno chicken.  You have to try it!  I’m not a huge fan of jalapenos but this wasn’t hot at all. 

My friend, Joyce, turned me on to it.  You can find it here on  I love this website and use it a ton.   I like that I can put in the ingredients I want to use, do a search and wallah!  with a click of a button and recipes show up.   IMG_3931 Anyway, back to the chicken..we grilled the chicken and paired it with fresh lemony steamed green beans and sautéed garlic new red potatoes  Pure bliss I tell ya!  It was hard to not eat two pieces but I knew how good it was going to taste tomorrow in my lunch so I restrained myself.IMG_3934
Now for the knee update…
(not that DH should be in second place, but a girls gotta eat, don’t she?  If I don’t eat, I might get weak and be unable to blog!)

By late last night, DH’s knee was really swollen.  I doubt the motorcycle and boat rides yesterday helped that any but they sure were fun! 

DH was able to get into the ortho doctor this morning and it appears as though there was a little more to it than just a strained knee.  

He has a torn anterior ACL and a possible torn meniscus.  He is scheduled for a MRI on Wednesday to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other issues.  He did have an x-ray and nothing is broken.   Praise God!   If it’s only the ACL, no surgery is required.  If the meniscus is torn and the doc said it’s probable that it is, that will require a day surgery to repair with a relatively short recovery time.  So in the grand scheme of things, he’s darned lucky that he only came home with a knee brace and not a cast.
IMG_3935 Thanks for your comments and emails with good wishes for him.


  1. Your chicken looks fact the potatotes and green beans did too! I could almost smell them!

    A coworker's husband had that surgery several months ago, had a very quick recovery, and is doing great. It was a success! He likes to walk, and he is now pain free!

    I will pray for a fast recovery, whichever option it is!
    Be blessed, and enjoy that chicken tomorrow!

  2. Oh my the chicken sounds great but the knee sounds painful! I hope he feels better soon.

  3. Gosh your dinner makes me hungry. I came flying in the door from work, made BLT's and headed off to a 6 o'clock t ball game.
    If hubby has to have his meniscus repaired, push for an ice machine. The blacksmith had his meniscus repaired several years ago. He came out of surgery with an ice machine on. it's a small 6 pk cooler with a motor, it cirulates ice water around the surgery area, through a bandage. Keeps swelling down. He wore it day and night for several days.
    He came through it with flying colors.
    (Oh the things we don't do for our kids, he tore his helping the son put down base boards)

  4. The chicken looks awesome---its def on the list for this week! (And look - Lots of protien and good vegetables to help heal that ACL!)

  5. Ohmygoodness - your chicken looks really good! Mine was not blog photo worthy! LOL!! I must get some finer points of grilling from you. :)

    Booo for Dan's knee. :( Both of us are praying that treatment goes well and healing is speedy!! Owie!!

  6. I will definitely check out the recipe site as your supper looks sorry about your husband's knee, I am sure the brace will help and in time it will heal completely....:-)Hugs

  7. wow you supper looks good. And I feel for DH. I hope whatever it is it recovers quickly. I've had torn meniscus surgery and was back on feet almost the next day.

    I have no idea how i found your blog but have found other good friends through it. We do need to meet in person. YOu work so far from where I go weekly.

    Glad you had fun in the rain with my cousins K and K. I was surprised to see their pic in the blog.

  8. the chicken looks really yummy...I hope all goes well with your husbands knee...

  9. The chicken looks absolutely picture perfect! May God's hand be upon your husband for the best and quickest recovery with the knee. God's blessings!

  10. Well we love anything with jalapenos so I'll for sure be trying this one. Hoping your hubs knee heals quickly!

  11. I hope your husbands knee is doing better by now and that surgery will not be required.

    The chicken looks delicious. Chicken and bacon is always a good place to start!