Sunday, August 22, 2010

One gutzy lady

We had another MTN visitor Friday night.  We thought we were having a man as a visitor since the name was Lenn.  Well, when Lenn called the night before she arrived to confirm, Lenn had the sweetest southern female voice I’ve heard!  Not that it mattered any but you know how it is when you expect something and find it’s something else?  I was just a little surprised.
IMG_4194 Well, Ms. Lenn is one gutzy lady.  She will be on the road by herself for the next 3-1/2 weeks on her BMW motorcycle.  I don’t  like to travel far alone as a woman by myself in a car let alone on a motorcycle.  Then add in the fact that she is staying in peoples home she doesn’t know other than that they are members of MTN.  All this equals one gutzy lady in my book. 
IMG_4195 She left our house on Saturday morning headed for Minneapolis that night and on through the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana from there.IMG_4210Here she is crossing the Mississippi River on that nasty Savanna-Sabula bridge :/

Happy riding and safe travels Lenn!


  1. I could never do what she is doing. I envy her. I pray her travels are safe.

  2. How cool! I'm a big chicken myself. What an awesome adventure she'll be having!

  3. Unfortunately a little scary in this day & age!! Do you drive your own motorcycle? I am a passenger. I love riding but have never learned to drive one much to my regret. How do you learn on your new harley? LOL.

  4. What fun, but I would not have the nerve to travel that far on a motorcycle by myself. Glad you enjoyed your visitor. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Hi Lori. Thanks for taking an interest in some of the sights I see. My wife, Carol, is teaching me about this whole blog world. More back road photos to come. Bob