Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy birthday Heidi!

Our daughter-in-law, Heidi’s birthday is today.  I never have to wonder what Heidi would like for her birthday as she’s usually pretty explicit about what she wants.  It sort of kills the element of surprise but also eliminates the guesswork.

They bought an old piano at her grandmothers household auction a couple of months ago and she wanted a runner for the top of it.  This is what I came up with.

IMG_4171It photographed lighter than it really is.  It’s mainly mustards, deep reds, browns and greens which all go well in their home.

I took this over last night with a pan of scotcheroos.  I’m not sure which she liked more.  :)   Scotcheroos are pretty darned good!

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Very pretty runner! I agree though - scotcheroos are high on my list of likes!

  2. Beautiful as always Lori! Handmade runner and scotcheroos...what a great birthday!

    Happy birthday Heidi :)

  3. Please pass me a plateful of scotcheroos! Love those things.


  4. What a super MIL!! Happy Birthday Heidi! Love the piano runner. :)

  5. You did a beautiful job! Happy Birthday to your dil!

  6. Awesome runner. I wish my dil would request something I made. I have made her stuff (knitted bags, sewn purses, etc) & I don't think she's ever used anything. I work with girls her age & they seem to like them. I guess she doesn't care for "homemade" gifts.

  7. Oooooh! I'm sure that looks really nice on her piano! You're a good MIL!

  8. I love the runner, and I hope Heidi had a wonderful birthday!

  9. This is Heidi! I did have a great birthday! Although, I am not really sure if i liked the runner or scotcheroos better! Its a tie I GUESS! Lori is the BEST MOTHER IN LAW ever! I am pretty lucky. :)The scoteroos are all gone so I am ready for batch number 2!

    Donna S. Don't you worry can make me something anytime! :)Homemade gifts are by far the best! I live at 204 W. Prairie St, Lanark IL 61046
    I will even send you a pretty thank-you card. :)