Sunday, June 1, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

What a relaxing Sunday! We went to church last night so we could get up late (7:00 am - sad isn't it when 7am is considered late) and have a relaxing, non-hurried morning.

Joe rode his motorcycle home from Island Lake today to help Dan buff out a tractor. Here he is showing his Dad his expertise. He has come so far in his abilities. He has definitely inherited his father's perfectionist eye when it comes to paint and body work.

I made a nice big Sunday dinner. I grilled BBQ ribs, and made macaroni salad, potatoes, corn bread and dessert. There was something kind of comforting in making a "traditional" Sunday dinner again. Then Jon, Heidi and the kids stopped on their way to an afternoon in the park. Owen is getting so big and Ava talks more and more all the time. Dang, grandbabies are alot of fun!
After lunch, I actually got a chance to sit on the deck in the sun in a lounge chair I bought two years ago and have probably used twice! I finished up a book and just relaxed. To top off the day, tonight we went for a motorcycle ride. It doesn't get much better than this!

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