Monday, June 30, 2008

Another trip over

We arrived home last night about 8pm very tired after a week with high school students and a 2 day drive. It's always great to serve our Lord through these trips and this one was no exception.
The California and Vermont teams were staying at the same church we were so it was great getting to know them better. Friendships were formed and some of them are talking about coming back when our team is there again over Christmas break.

It was also nice to have time for some quality conversation with Pastor Teresa and Pastor Larry and hear the vision they have for this ministry. Pastor Teresa has a vision of His Hands 2 Go becoming mobile, not just local in New Orleans. She would like to be able to come alongside pastors in disaster areas and help them get their churches back up and running. The idea was birthed out of her experiences after Hurricane Katrina when there was no one to come alongside her. She knows the frustration of trying to start a church up, organize work teams and be a light in the community by yourself. It will be exciting to see where this leads.

I have just a few more pictures of interest to share.

While working in a location like New Orleans in the summer, a person must continually drink water. You can get dehydrated much quicker than one would think. After all, Old Spice did a survery and found that New Orleans is the 12th sweatiest city in the nation. Now isn't that something you want to be known for?!? Just a little tidbit of information we learned this week. :)

This is the first year the palm trees have looked healthy and really green again. The flowering bushes were blooming nice and full as well.

Did you know honey bees get extremely ticked off when you spray them with gasoline? This beehive was in the wall of the house Dan and his team were roofing. The bees were not happy when their territory was invaded by humans and got rather violent. It took two days to get rid of them. It was either get rid of the bees or get stung. But look at all that honey gone to waste!

This is one of the reasons we continue to go back to New Orleans. This home had over 8 feet of water in it. The occupant of the home spent days in their attic and had to cut a hole in the roof to be rescued. These homes are getting fewer every year but there is still along way to go until they are all fixed.

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