Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the morning on my way to work as I come over a rise on the highway, I am greeted by this view. These pictures don't begin to do justice to the lush green landscape as the morning sun shines on it. This very much represents the Midwest for me with farms dotting the landscape. The last couple of weeks I've been thinking I need to take a picture but have either been running late or didn't have my camera along. This morning I left early enough and remembered my camera to boot. So I finally get to share!

Tomorrow morning the view will be a little different for me as we are leaving at 6 am to head back south to New Orleans for ten days. His Hands 2 Go has a team of 100 volunteers coming in next week that Dan & I will be "trying" to help lead. I'm not sure lead is the correct term as 85 of them are high school students. Yikes! Can a person actually "lead" 85 high school students?!? I am hoping to blog the trip as long as my Internet connections hold out.


  1. That is a gorgeous picture, Lori- I can't believe how flat it is! We live on a hill and it's so steep I can't even see down my driveway to the mailbox! You know what I mean if you've been to East Tennessee...

  2. Beautiful pictures Lori! As to the question about leading teenagers, take if from a former high school assistant principal...you better just get out of their way! The best you can hope for is that they herd easily. :) You're gonna' have a blast! Blessings, marlene