Sunday, June 22, 2008

Calm before the storm

Today (Sunday) was great day. Dan & I left early this morning and took a driving tour through the Canal/St Charles Avenue neighborhoods of New Orleans. What beautiful old historic homes. The wrought iron and columns on the homes are so unique to New Orleans as well as the hurricane shutters on the windows. One of these trips here we are going to make time for a trolley trip through those neighborhoods. There is so much history in this city, I am dying to learn more. Whenever we leave I say to myself that I am going to study up on it but never do. This time I will. Well, maybe I will...hopefully...possibly...probably...okay highly least the thought to do it is in my head. Doesn't that count for something?

We had just a great church service this morning. Coming from church services where everything is very well orchestrated, it can be refreshing to come to a much simpler, more unstructured service. Plus, Pastor Teresa sure can preach! Afterwards, they have what they call table fellowship. Everyone who wants to can stay for lunch. Members of the church take turns providing the meal which is no small or inexpensive task. They could have anywhere from 50 - 100 people there on any given Sunday. Today, a woman in the church, Carolyn, made some of the best meatloaf I've ever had (and I make a killer meatloaf) with mashed potatoes, peas and french bread.

We then went to look at the project Dan and a team will be starting tomorrow morning. They will be putting a roof and siding on a home for a sweet, energetic lady named Susan.
I will be cooking tomorrow for just 20 of the volunteers. The large team of 82 will be going out to eat Monday & Wednesday night so I only need to cook for 100 two nights instead of 5. On the big days I will be working with a summer volunteer, Cassandra, who is Pastor Teresa's daughter-in-law. The days I am cooking for 20, I will be on my own. 20 is pretty common for us when we have brought teams down so it shouldn't be a problem.

Tonight we grilled burgers and had Pastor Teresa and Pastor Larry over to the our FEMA penthouse for dinner complete with fresh watermelon. What a treat. We don't see watermelon up home until at least the end of August.

Until tomorrow night...

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