Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quilt is bound and all is well

Today has been a great day. Ever have one of those days where you have tons of "have to" things to do but just say to heck with all of it and do something fun instead. That was today for me.
I used some comp time, left work early and took supper to Jon & Heidi. I spent a couple of hours holding baby Owen, playing with Ava and visiting with Heidi. "Grandma world" doesn't get much better than that. Took the scenic, curvy route home, made a quick supper, then finished (YEAH!) the binding on the quilt I was working on (and whining about last night). There it is on the back on my sofa. The other pic is of 2 vintage quilt blocks I bought off of eBay a couple of years ago that I finally made into pillows tonight - another YEAH! Nothing like grandbabies and finished projects to give a person a whole new lease on life!

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