Saturday, May 17, 2008

Productive Saturday

Today was a very productive Saturday.

It was incredibly windy here all day but I worked in the yard anyway and finished planting flowers. I need one more planter full of something vining for an old wooden wheelbarrow and I think I'm done. I would have loved to go get it today so I could finish up but with gas the price it is, I just couldn't justify the trip into town. I also repotted a beautiful yellow "kurlache"(sp) houseplant one of our part-time instructors brought in for me last week. She thought I might need a ray of sunshine during the end of semester flurry. She thought right!

I reconciled three months (yikes!) worth of cancelled checks. I hardly ever let that job go for that long. I sure don't know where the last few months have went.

And tonight on eBay I bought a motorcycle! (note the picture) It's a KLR 250 and it's for me! We only put one bid in during the last minute but I really didn't think we'd end up winning. Whoops! I'm feeling a mix of giddiness and "oh my gosh what did I just do". I guess now I better learn how to ride my own bike, huh? I needed something small and lightweight to learn on. This should fit the bill plus it's red. Does it get any better than that? Now we just have to figure out when we can get to White House,Tennessee to pick it up. I can't wait!

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  1. This is my first visit with you and I am truly blessed by the first song you have on. I will be back. Have fun on the motorcycle!