Saturday, May 10, 2008

Playing in the dirt

I was finally able to get outside a little last night after work and play in the dirt. I planted pots of red survivor geraniums and white verbena for the front porch and a bright limey green sweet potato vine and purple verbena on the back deck. I have more annuals to go in flower beds but think I'll wait a week or so before I plant anything that's not transportable indoors in case we get a frost yet. I can't believe how good it feels to be able to put something in dirt. My back wasn't real happy about it, but the soul sure felt good afterwards.

Highland is designated as an arboretum and the trees on campus are blooming like crazy right now. There are so many different varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers. It really is a beautiful campus. I am forever asking ours groundskeepers what some plant is. The pink blooming tree (not sure - flowering crab maybe?) is absolutely stunning. The lilacs are just starting and have always been one of my favorite smells. Although, I've yet to find a lilac scented anything that smells like it should. If anyone knows of a candle or potpourri in lilac that smells like the real thing, let me know.

For all of you Moms, have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow. Relax and enjoy yourselves!

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  1. I think the yankee candle lilac smells quit realistic. I noticed that Highland looked likeit was almost in full bloom earlier this week. Tomorrow we are goign to see mom, so we will have to drive thru and check out it's spring beauty.