Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 23–A Shining Star

Day 23 of Susan’s 25 pictures of Christmas photo challenge is A Shining Star.

Last weekend we took in a Luminary walk in a local town.  All(mostly) the neighbors in a 4 – 5 block area lined their sidewalks with luminaries.  It was a nice enough evening for December so DH & I and another couple decided to walk the Walk.

Some used paper bags as luminaries while others used mason jars [my personal favorite].  IMG_8720
This particular house decorated all of their jars with a “Shining Star” and raffia and they had a lot of jars to decorate.
This street the Walk was on has many beautiful older homes.  They look even more stunning when lit up at Christmastime.





I especially liked how some decorated their lamp posts.


There was even a photo opp with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Smile



So, only two days to go…who’s ready for Christmas?!?


  1. These photos are gorgeous! You capture the decorating perfectly. Cute with Santa & Mrs. Claus. :)

  2. Just saw this post! Candlelight in mason jars ~ what a great idea! Love it when lots of houses do this. It is so pretty and serene. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I enjoyed visiting you and hearing about the luminarie walk . . . really nice idea. I used mason jars this year for my luminaries, (different containers in the past 25 years). I used Epson Salts in the bottom of the jar with the candle bedded in the "snow like salt." It has been my favorite container. I light the luminaries many a night now, and it used to be only on Christmas eve for many years. I find the candlelight provides a gentle glow at Christmas versus so much of the glitz.